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  1. Hi Diane Hope you posted {{{{Hugs}}}} as well. But at least she is wise enough to realise that she is in trouble and trying to sort out her life, remember that at least 10 people read the daily mail so maybe one of them will realise that their insulated world is infact determined by events outside their control. More popcorn anyone?
  2. "Spain has suspended an auction of sovereign bonds as investors" Doesn't that mean the market is having doubts about the ability of a western government to be able to pay its debt. Is this the start of the bond market collapse?
  3. Local farmers market was on today, normally they are done and dusted by around 3pm having sold all their wares at their slightly-over-inflated-but-feel-good-because-you-arnt-buying-from-tesco-price. So as i was leaving work at 6pm they were still there, all looking very quiet. Hope they keep going however.
  4. Sounds like a thread in its own right, would be interested to hear more. Hope it works out for you over there.
  5. Nice points, would you allow an exemption if the owner was going into care and needed the money pay for that. Yep its got to be pretty simple to work out BTL properties they probably know already if they wanted to think about it. Stamp duty should not be stepped, it twists the market too much.
  6. After seeing that Labour MP for housing on Channel 4 Ive changed my mind, they should make it more difficult for FTB to buy, slap a fat tax on it if needed, it will end up cheaper than seeing generation of FTB in negative equity for the next decade. Along with that, make it even easier for BTL to buy, the banks will quickly punish them accordingly. Basically my faith in this government has vanished and only the market can be trusted to correct this mess.
  7. Hadnt thought of it like that, my thought was that they would become so diluted once banks or some SWF bails them out.
  8. pretty much any action now to encourage FTB to buy a house will be condemming them into negative equity. Tantamount to theft, it makes me so angry.
  9. Yep but it might piss the French off so its got to be worth it...
  10. Just that demand rose faster than supply could catch up, clearly not a linear relationship between the two, (just like oil) fortunatly its a lot easier to grow additional corn, (relatively) and good news is that the beneficiaries will be farmers, assuming that they can still turn a profit given higher costs. Perhaps its time we looked at reducing the massive subs we all pay to agriculture sector.
  11. Can someone explain to me why would falling dollar be that bad. Would it mean cheaper oil for every country, or would price of oil go up proportionally. If UK Banks have been buying all the toxic sub prime rubbish of the Americans in $, and the $ goes down, would this be a bad thing? or have they lost out because our banks paid good money to buy that stuff and now that asset is falling.
  12. @Yield Nice post, yep would agree with you on many of those, on top of that you also have a massive shortfall in electricity, they type normally associated with Africa sort of a shortfall, say 5-10 years period. So rolling blackouts a real possibility or else put the final nail in the coffin that is UK manufacturing. Welfare system will be cut or just made harder to claim. So lots of angry youth with no money roaming the streets. Lots more riots, possibly a rise in some sort of Nationalistic party. Or some sort of blood letting should bring back "normality", perhaps a war would distract people. But dont take my word for it, ask the Germans circa 1930-45.
  13. Here's a thought, rather than just simply reduce the tax (or vat) on feul, why not give everyone even if they drive or not a quota every month of tax free fuel, once you exceed your allowance then you start paying the existing rate. Of course if you didnt use your ration you would be free to do what you wanted to do any surpless. Sure its rationing by any other name, but at the same time would force a sea change attitude to how we use fuel and keep the tax receipt pretty constant.
  14. Article in Private Eye, the other day in back, which was saying that gmac was buying all this toxic stuff right up until really recently and then selling it off, mainly to BnB, model was to buy this stuff at any price because it didnt matter if people defaulted as underlying asset was worth more than what they paid, Large fat lunches all round. BnB were obliged to buy £4Bn of this stuff over 4 years, this still has 2 years left to go... Gist of the argument was that along with their own toxic waste, they are obliged to get even more, at a time when market conditions are very different from before. I wonder if this might explain why they are so hesitant to open up their books for a full audit by Mr Cowdery,
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