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  1. D Cameron has already had a go at helping to run the economy (and set mortgage rates) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Cameron
  2. What's so bad about a low £? The trade balance badly needs to improve, and a bit of imported inflation wouldn't be so bad as the economy heads into the deflationary part of the cycle. Plenty of economic analysts (W Keegan of The Observer for one) have argued that the £ is ferociously overvalued at the moment. Does anyone here know what level the £ was to the $ in May '97, as a comparison? (Rhetorical)
  3. Surely the tax on private pensions was ameliorated by the decrease in corporation tax from 33% to 30%. After all, the pension tax was paid out of the same company pot that the reduction in corp tax replenished. Indeed, the saving in corp tax was worth £3.75 bn in 2001-02 alone (see reference, p. 2) www.ifs.org.uk/election/ebn6.pdf
  4. How can you be a fan of the Stone Roses and excrete such right-wing "locusts" lunacy?
  5. I voted Lab to stop the nasty right-wing xenophobe Tory getting elected in Shrewsbury and Atcham. And it almost worked.
  6. I spoke to a surveyor from a shropshire EA last week who said that sales volumes in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas were very low. He agreed with me that this was a similar situation to just before the last crash. He also said that all of the official surveys were rubbish.
  7. Haha. I can't believe that you ended your first post with "out."! Where do you live - 1992land? Anyway, your first post is a load of individualist rubbish, ending with an absurd mixed metaphor. You talk about the supposed new economic reality that you hope will happen and then, to prove your point, include a weird mountaineering proof. Your final comment should have been to do with ecomomics, viz: "Who is the more satisfied person? Someone how is unemployed and does not own anything, or someone who has a satisfying, secure job with a selection of assets accrued over time" But then, tha
  8. I assume that you're talking about the council tax. How else are you going to judge the value of a house without including how it looks, whether it's in a pleasant environment, etc.?
  9. You should have a look in the Shrewsbury Chronicle every Thursday for a few months. You'll then notice that hardly any properties are shifting. Have a drive around the town too, especially near the centre, and you'll see loads of For Sale signs and To Let signs. I would think that your figures have been skewed by the reduction in volumes since late 2003/early 2004. Also, how did you calculate 8 years?
  10. I would gladly pay more tax if it meant that the UK lost tens of thousands of greedy, self-obsessed bigots who are fearful of any progression away from an idealised 1950s English market town. Well, the third quote is about something that we all know will change for the better. The other two quotes are about taxes. If the people who want lower taxation all leave the UK, then it will obviously become a better place to live.
  11. The UK would be a much better place if all of the Daily Hate's readers effed off to wherever their narrow minds will allow them to go.
  12. That is an excellent post CS. A financial class war! Marx would be going mental. (BTW I'm a 3.5, although I won't buy until it's 3.0 or less).
  13. You get either 50p, 75p, £1, or (rarely) £1.25 per survey completed. When all your survey wages add up to £50, the yougov people send you a cheque
  14. I don't think that there's anything G Brown can do about the crash. But why should he, the people who will be most hurt are not Labour voters anyway.
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