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  1. it's the cheapest house available in the post code. That would indicate a certain "quality" me.
  2. Just been gazumped. Lucky escape? I'm dubious with this level of supply. There seems to be no end of sitting on hands.
  3. Bogus post. Prefer New Cross to Notting Hill? Full asking price? Complete fantasist.
  4. A view from fulham... Gear that has been sitting about for ages (i.e. 6 months plus), reduced in price & of decent quality has gone under offer in this "spring market". However, I'm noticing that stuff that was under offer is coming back on the market, and that there seems to be more new stock around at silly prices. My guess is that those siting on the sidelines have noticed the competition go under offer/sold & thought "business as usual". They may be disappointed. Those that want to to sell and were holding out for high prices may well find that they need to realise whatever profits they can. I think the bull trap phase is going to be over quite soon.
  5. That's a one bedder with the kitchen stuffed in the living room. 564 sq ft can't give a genuine 2 bedder.
  6. At what price? I will buy @ 50% off peak. Well that's his 3 month quota done. Prices in Fulham are at least 25% off peak. What do you call a crash then?
  7. 3 bed flat W9. £589,950 Identical 3 bed flat w9. £850,000 Same agent, same size flat, same block. Check the service charge - circa 5k pa
  8. Is that the one built on the "Elephant House" site?
  9. Really? Anyway, I also think your comparables are fantasy.
  10. Who knows what they made? Maybe they spent £500,000 digging out a triple level basement & put in that circa 2005 version of the avocado bathroom suite - sparkley black granite worktops, slate floor (with underfloor heating), lots of chrome & units in the middle of the floorspace.
  11. What I don't understand is why would anyone want to live where their personal safety is at real & augmented risk? I know someone who bought there for all the right fashionable reasons & boy, oh boy, oh boy do they regret it.
  12. Oh dear, angst, guilt & veiled recriminations. Who cares? - this is the House Price Crash Forum and I'm getting what I want.
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