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  1. I monitor the forums/watch news and I have to say I havn't seen any drop in Rolex pricing, in fact Rolex themselves have just implemented an across-the-board price hike. Your man not trying to pick things up on the cheap..?
  2. Is this supposed to be a good program? I havn't listened in before. All I took from it was Alvin Hall blaming near-retirees for not been risk averse enough (wtf), one phone-in didn't know what he had invested and where but still wanted advice and another asked a question which had already been answered.
  3. SJJ


  4. The first rule of HPC.co.uk is - you do not talk about HPC.co.uk.
  5. I have read all three theads on MSE in their entirety on this. I would not knock anyone in any way whatsoever for 'having a go' - its ones prerogative after all. What's pissing me off is the ***** who are now trying to avoid paying by all means necessary. This is not 'victimless' where they are 'getting one over on the bookie', they've betted against someone else, lost and now don't want to pay. Disgusting behaviour.
  6. I am a member on there but I didn't start this off. PH'ers imo are a sharp lot and not much goes unmissed.
  7. Take £10, return £6. Repeat. 40% return every time for nothing. Sounds like standard NL policy to me.
  8. Had a read through, no one seems to have mentioned this... the amount of people on the road can only be up to the amount of people who have licenses (aside from crims). The long term solution to reducing numbers on the road is to have a quota of licenses available. Say, for example, we are now at 100%. If someone gets banned/dies/license expires and they decide not to have a re-test their license is then pooled and becomes available for new drivers/banned drivers re-taking. Of course there would have to be a central waiting list and when your time comes you have up to (off the top of my head)
  9. Why is TTRTR copping it like this? Isn't this in a similar vein to the millions claiming they've 'made loads' as their houses grew in value? Of those laying in to TTRTR who did put decent sums in back in the touted May time slot and have now cashed out, genuinely, as opposed to quoting the current value of financial assets they have?
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