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  1. The LR data set is very poor - there are plenty of instances anecdotally reported where the LR have the information but do not have it on their online data set. The last place I sold, for example, was in 2002 and it still hasn't been reported on LR.
  2. Another waste of time as it assumes the energy saving lightbulbs are part of the fabric of the house rather than something that the vendor could take or the buyer could introduce.
  3. Having read the press release I can see that its based on three month averages & the real fall must be greater but I'm struggling to see where the 12.7% figure comes from. Could someone explain how it was calculated? Not disputing it, just curious.
  4. Link anyone? & could someone clever tell me how 10.9% goes to 12.7%?
  5. Even more bizzarely it looks like the housebuilders are going to help fund it...
  6. Lets get this straight. I’m a first time buyer on £60k (I’m not but bear with me for the moment) so I can get Hazel to cough up 30% of the price of a new build house. If the house is valued at £100k then that’s worth £30k. So for starters I’m only going to be looking at new builds so that nice Victorian terraced house down the road is out of the question – I guess that’s another tranche of FTBers that they can’t sell to now so their house goes down a bit further. At the same time the new build guys now know I can afford a bit more so they don’t accept my silly offer on the house and I pay more than I would otherwise have done so. So I buy this new build with my happy Hazel loan then in three years time I decide to sell it. However by then its no longer a new build so the family that I sell to don’t qualify for the free loan. That means that even BEFORE you take into account any price changes in the market between now and then my house will fall in price due to these new buyers not having the same subsidy. So, I pay more for my house than I would have without the loan and it drops in price (even without HPI) by the time I sell it as the subsidy is only temporary, And this is meant to help me?
  7. Out of interest how are you collecting data? I'm looking at the south of Guildford in some detail & am seeing similar drops in the £750k - £1m price band
  8. I never know what they're doing at HSBC - my contacts never even answer the phone. Barclays are always available - guess that means they're not busy...
  9. Does that mean that you can't accept offers that are conditional on taking the property off the market? Obviously that could itself lead to the best price not being achieved.
  10. Untrue. The only reason that the losses are allowable in the UK is that the business was run through the UK subsidiary. This meant that all of the previous profits would have been taxed in the UK.
  11. where on the Wirral are you looking? We've been watching property in Wallasey for a while but have been struck by both the lack of turnover and the lack of price falls.
  12. Rules are complex & this isn't the best forum but essentially the rules changed in 2006. Even before that it wasn't the government that gained it was the annuity provider (for a DC scheme) or the fund itself (so your fellow pensioners effectively for a DB scheme). In the case of the state pension it was the government but that's didly squat anyway...
  13. Good advice - they should do exactly that - talk to a good accountant. Blanket advice that pensions are bad is a irresponsible as blanket advice that property always rises.
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