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  1. About 180 properties available in my neck of the woods - North End Portsmouth back in November 06 Today there are around 320
  2. See the graph on the front page? See how it goes up and down, but tends towards up over very long periods of time? 25 years sounds about right for house prices to be happily in the next race skywards. Have you factored the effects of peak oil into that suggestion?
  3. My newbie LL (Bought Aug 06) admitted he is "not making anything on the rent". I'm just "in it" for the long term capital growth. He paid 132K (I checked on houseprices.co.uk) and I'm paying 585PCM rent.
  4. I think it is changes in interest rates that matter, not what they are in absolute terms. We are up 40% already from the bottom & inflation is not under control. What will happen to inflation if crude doubles in price and then doubles again?
  5. Last time we never had the peak oil problem to complicate matters
  6. Mr Said obviously has not come accross the concept of Peak Oil and the inevitable economic turbulance it will bring. http://www.sfu.ca/~asamsamb/sb.htm. The Day After Tomorrow and The Last Hurrah good would be good reading for Mr Said.
  7. And another good anecdotal.. A colleague purchased a 1 bed flat @ £90K March 2004 forced to sell in June 05 for £84K after on market for 6 months. Wouldn't tell me the real reason for sale.
  8. If prices were still going up then vendors would not need to reduce their asking prices months after going on to the market. The market price would simply catch up with asking prices.
  9. I have had three letters in the last ten days. Also, there are five properties on the market within a 100m radius of where I live (North End, Portsmouth), they have for sale signs but are not listed on Rightmove or the agents own website. Anyone else noticed similar where they live?
  10. Baird & CO also have a website www.goldline.co.uk. You can order online and post a cheque for payment. They send it out by special delivery after about 10 days
  11. About £30K in cash, £5K in equities and 500 grams of gold. House owned outright.
  12. Prices certainly have not been rising in my neck of the woods for at least a year. I have not been proven wrong. My comments may well be null and void if inflation increases gradually. But what if there is a sudden spike in inflation caused by a sudden spike in oil prices. This may cause a sudden spike in rates. Only those people who manage to keep their jobs have the benefit of higher wages
  13. So you are also saying that inflation will rise again. Serviceing a mortgage will be even less affordable when IR's have to rise
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