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  1. All that QE went to the banks - that's why it hasn't prevented deflation in the real economy. QE might have worked if it had gone into financing productive investment, such as upgrading our electricity grid and our power generation capacity.
  2. This charging of low income households is counter-productive. I was a member of a local authority during the time the Community Charge (Poll Tax) was introduced, and everyone had to pay. Ten years after its abolition, local councils were still trying to recover arrears from people who didn't have the money to pay. Local authorities would have written off the debts as enforcement was the most expensive option, but central government would not allow it. It seems that nothing is ever learned.
  3. Local government means local democracy means local choice, surely?
  4. I know Tesco - like the other majors - is losing some share to Lidl, but the sheer size of the drop is not what you would expect in an economy that was not already in recession.
  5. It is a ban. It may be a delayed ban, as existing models become obsolete and die, but eventually there will be none. It is a ban and any attempt to suggest otherwise is like arguing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
  6. The fact is that while I would support a broadly left-wing approach to economic and social justice issues, there is no party at present catering for this. The Labour party is as neo-liberal as the rest. And as for the Lib dems, well when I was a member I didn't vote for Clegg, and I don't see how anyone of conscience can support them after they reneged on their pledges in 2010. I am reluctantly forced to conclude that my only option is UKIP at the present time. I have been concerned about immigration for a number of years, primarily on economic grounds. Immigration depresses wages, and the lower end of the labour market is especially badly hit. But now, I see what is going on in places like Tower Hamlets and the corrupt conduct of elections and the problems up north with sexual abuse and the clash of community values that make me think that we need a thorough rethinking of multiculturalism, or Britain is heading for a Yugoslav situation in the coming years. Plus Farage has been the only politician so far in Britain - except for Galloway - who has spoken out about LibLabCon's determination to go to war over Ukraine.
  7. The fact that gold is not setting new highs - rather, the reverse - while there is so much geopolitical turmoil, suggests to me that it is being very heavily manipulated.
  8. My local dustbinmen didn't get any kind of bonus, and civilisation would come to a halt without their sterling work.
  9. She p!ssed away the potential of North Sea Oil. And by the time she went bonkers at the end, she was so unpopular that her own party had to get rid of her to save their electoral skins.
  10. The Polish have refused to let the Russian defence minsiter's plane fly over their airspace and he has been forced to fly back to Bratislava. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-29/poland-blocks-flight-russian-defense-ministers-plane Strikes me as being on par for the childish behaviour of the Nato countries.
  11. Social mobility is higher in Europe than in the US, contrary to what most people think.
  12. Bloo Loo made a reasonable argument about reality and you class him as dangerous and anti-HPC. The truth is always dangerous to somebody, but wishful thinking is even more dangerous.
  13. I have to disagree a bit, Libspero. The Russians would be most alarmed if ABMs were installed in somewhere like Kharkov, or even Kiev. If this were done we would have launch-on-warning of Russian nukes, and that is a very bad thing.
  14. Whatever the reason for their folding, they did fold. And I live in south Wales.
  15. Nato are meeting in Newport/Cardiff next week - will they decide on going down the path to war, or will cooler heads prevail?
  16. There's a Bill going through Congress which, if passed, would make Ukraine a non-Nato ally of the United States. This plus Porky Pig actually applying for membership alarms me - we are on a path to general war if we are not careful.
  17. You could write to one or all of your MEPs. I know that at least one of mine - Jill Evans of plaid Cymru - was a member of the parliamentary group in Brussels who instigated this lunacy.
  18. The No campaign folded early, and there was no campaign - no literature, no tv debates, nothing. The LibLabConPlaid werre in favour and that was it. Anecdotally, the peopel where I live and those with whom I work - the sports fans anyway - supported England in the World Cup and cheered on the British team in the Olympics. Most people think bilingual road signs and the like are a pain in the backside, and you could probably count the viewers of Welsh language TV on the fingers of one hand - hence why S4C is in trouble.
  19. The 2011 referendum had a low turnout of around 35% and while the result was almost two-to-one in favour of more powers, there was no "No" campaign to give the contrary view, due to the arcane rules of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. Many people voted UKIP in Wales in May - they almost topped the poll, and had nearly double the vote of Plaid Cymru. There are many people in Wales who regard themselves as British, so it's not an outmoded concept as you state. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-12482561
  20. This is true but I feel that Britain is becoming increasingly 'third world' in this respect. Nick Clegg is a case in point, groomed by Leon Brittan, and so is Camoron.
  21. Ah! Damik, where have you been? There was some speculation that you had been conscripted by Kiev.
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