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  1. Yes, but it wasn't in the context of UKIP supposedly being Nazis; it was in the context of the non-Welsh being regarded by some Welsh nationalists as ethnically and racially impure.
  2. Press TV? More legit than the British state Broadcasting Corporation.
  3. Blimey! You lot and the commenters in the Wail are so unkind to Ms Bush.
  4. i know where Leanne Wood comes from - just up the road from me. But she's useless, and it's a good job that all those English people support her because only 15% of Welsh voters did, as as opposed to more than 28% of Welsh voters who supported UKIP in May. Hitler didn't come from Nuremberg either but had the Nuremberg laws passed.
  5. Intelligence and educational performance depend on social environment as well as genetics.
  6. When I said I couldn't think of a parallel, I was thinking of the 44% lead. The swing is different. A 48% swing means that if this happens on polling day 48 voters out of a hundred will have switched as between UKIP and the Tories. The pattern in by-elections isusually for a challenging party to build up its lead over the course of a campaign - to start with a 44% lead is - unparalleled.
  7. Even given the small size of the Labour share of the vote, a 44% lead for UKIP is extraordinary. I can't really think of a parallel in post-war history.
  8. But you could put Association of British Bankers across the top and millions would believe it.
  9. Shock poll gives UKIP a 44% lead over the Tories in Clacton. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2738787/Cameron-faces-Ukip-election-bloodbath-Party-set-win-Commons-seat-shock-poll-reveals-Farages-staggering-44-point-lead-Tories.html
  10. You come to that conclusion because you disagree with him? It was people like you who made the atrocities of the Bolshevik revolution possible. You have chosen the correct poster name because you are deeply, deeply morally flawed.
  11. Might be half-baked but that's often how wars start. Big wars.
  12. Press TV is reporting that at next wek's Nato summit, 10,000 Nato troops are to be sent to east Ukraine. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/08/30/377115/nato-to-form-a-force-of-10k-against-russia/
  13. Great tune, but the video would look better if the four riders were Camoron, Danny Alexander, Gidiot and Mark Carney, with special guest star Janet Yellen.
  14. Thanks - explains why Plaid had such a p1ss-poor perfromance in the May elections.
  15. What do you mean "so-called Welsh people voting UKIP?" That's outrageous - insinuating, like Leanne Wood, that true Welsh people wouldn't vote UKIP. What are you Plaidies going to do next - pass the Blaenau Ffestinniog Laws, banning intermarriage between Welsh and non-Welsh?
  16. And how would a military confrontation between Russia and the West affect the situation, do you think?
  17. They could have used less draconian methods, but I doubt they wanted to do so. These people love to control and intefere and run every aspect of our lives. Why, Plaid Cymru and other members of the Free Alliance Group in the EU Parliament want to force men to sit when peeing FFS!
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