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  1. You will - Holyrood. Most of the othe rmoney was spent on current not capital items, and even now is paying for pasty and chips meals in the gorbals.
  2. If a dog poos in the street and the council clean it up, that's on GDP - but not if a householder does it. so ONS need to do some research and calculate the homeowner dogs hit cleanup rate to add to the figures too.
  3. Tax credits were being considered in 1970 by the Heath government. In fact, the new child benefit they introduced was meant to be part of a system of tax credits.
  4. Anecdotal evidence is a weak hand to play - the polls still have your lot behind.
  5. Your links do nothing to dispel the evidence for Shetland independce desires.
  6. More insults for those who disagree. I am a 'troll', and CCC is 'rattled.' Doesn't bode well for Scottish democracy.
  7. Obviously you think - mistakenly - that percentage of votes translates into the same percentage of seats - which it doesn't, even given the top up from a regional list. I guess you are the product of a Welsh school education.
  8. Of course you were, Goat - but if lovelyhead is arguing that Scotland hasn't been run into the ground by the Union, why is he arguing for independence from that same Union?
  9. He was talking about Britain, which was under the Scottish Raj between 1997 and 2010.
  10. To avoid you the embarrassment of discovering that you are not liked?
  11. 1. How do you know how much oil is recoverable? 2. How do you know that rUK won't contest the right to drill and explore?# 3. How do you know the EU won't claim it as price for EU membership?
  12. This started off as a sterling thread - it has now been hijacked and should be put on the current affairs forum.
  13. But how will an independent Scotland be better? For that, you need politicians who think differently, who don't buy into neoliberalism and all that. But it's clear that Scottish politicians aren't different to the ones in London, or Washington or Berlin.
  14. Well, if 'independence' resolved the problem, that would be on ething; but it doesn't - it makes it worse.
  15. I find it frustrating that Scots, English and Welsh cannot 'get' the fcact that in most policy areas, Scotland is self-governing, and 'independence' won't add much to those areas.
  16. As Enoch Powell once said, 'Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.'
  17. But isn't the US doing the sanme to Russian and Iranian etc companies? How can any Americans complain?
  18. I have my own issues regarding the NHS. However, I think that there is a danger in equating the concept of the NHS with its actual working. What I mean is that even if you can afford the American system ,it frequently goes wrong, with botched ops, stupid bureaucracy and the like. If you read the American media you will come across these stories quite frequently. One possible cure for the NHS is to weed out the trash that has infected it like a cancer - I mean the bureaucracy which exists unto and for itself. Unfortunately, to get rid of it you would have to employ it so there is little chance of that.
  19. Your last sentence sums it up nicely - I think that the sterling-dollar connection works so that to some extent, sterling is treated like a reserve currency. Capital inflows to pay for our overseas and domestic spending, no matter what.
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