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  1. Don't forget, Salmond has changed the law so that children can vote. Nobody else seems bothered about this.
  2. It is no more of a joke than the "evidence" that the western puppets of the Pentagon have been throwing out for months in an attempt to demonise Russia and Putin. Except that this photo/tweet is not going to lead to a nuclear war, whereas the efforts of Washington's puppets likely will.
  3. That's obviously a fake - I recognise the flora as being from just next to the seventh hole at the Celtic Manor.
  4. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-09-04/battle-strategic-mariupol-begins-nato-vows-do-whatever-it-takes
  5. Nato is listening to Porky at the Nato summit, so obviously they approve.
  6. Does your middle paragraph refer to Donetsk or Mariupol - not clear?
  7. It shows a deficit between Scotland and the rest of the world and rest of the UK - imports are more than exports.
  8. Your threadbare argument is laid bare for all to see by your refusal to deal with perfectly rational questions.
  9. Maybe the first thing is to make people aware of the horrendous implications of TTIP.
  10. You're wasting your time expecting an answer from him. It would require mental effort on his part. One other point to consider in this referendum is the demographic gerrymandering the SNP has engaged in by giving the vote to children.
  11. They were discussing this on the Liberal Democrat Voice forum a week or so ago. Most Lib Dems seem to think it's good idea because 'it's all about free trade.'
  12. Hollande is a wimp - not only afraid of Merkel, but the Americans too.
  13. The vampire squid is making a basic point - if the Euro doesn't work properly because it lacks fiscal and political integration, why on Earth would a currency union involving the pound?
  14. Update on Clacton: The UKIP former UKIP candidate has resigned from the party and is backing the Lib Dems.
  15. You are missing the elephant in the room, which is the amount of stuff Scotland imports from outside the UK - far more than it exports. At the moment, as I pointed out on (I think page 2 of this thread) sterling's link to the US dollar gives it almost a reserve currency status, which means that the UK as a whole is able to spend on imports like there's no tomorrow, and the deficit will always be met by capital inflows. Damage the pound in the way that you are doing and we - both in Scotland and rUK - may actually be forced to pay for stuff like food.
  16. No, you can't because Scotland has a net inflow of monies from England. Without this subsidy you won't be able to live in the lifestyle you've been accustomed to.
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