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  1. Yes, they were so near to the freedom of a Bantustan dominated by a foreign currency and the EU.
  2. 16 and 17 year olds were evenly split, so you can't attribute this result to the over 55s.
  3. No electronic voting machines are used anywhere in the UK. The results were in line with opinion polls and the bookies. PS - after being received, postal ballots are opened and 'verified,' then locked in a cupboard and mixed in with all the other votes on the night of the count. They are not counted separately.
  4. As a voter outside of Scotland, I don't recall anyone ever asking my permission to go down this road. Seems democracy is for Scots only.
  5. The issue of 'Home Rule for England,' and federalism is going to last for years, well beyond the next election.
  6. So why is there now going to be huge constitutional upheaval?
  7. I thought it was pretty insulting to the Scots for the British State Broadcasting Corporation to put Nick 'the liar' Robinson on their results show.
  8. Is it saved? maybe it's much messier this way. A panic pledge to give more powers to Scotland will have knock-on effects in the rest of the UK. Most perplexing question is 'Home Rule for England.' How do you do this? If you make it so that only English MPs can vote on English legislation then you are not far off making it a requirement that a UK government must have a majority in England, and that might lead inevitably to the break-up of the UK. It might be better for everyone if Camoron came out at 7am and said: 'Look, I lied about more powers for Scotland. No more devoluton. That will be all - I'm off for breakfast.'
  9. Why? There are probably as many people - proportion-wise - in the rest of the UK who want to leave as there are in Scotland. The fact that so many have voted to leave is a reflection on how bad the Tories have been. Just wait for Clacton on 9 October.
  10. Do you mean it is late in the evening, or it is late in life?
  11. You are spot on about Labour. I think the fall-out from the referendum is going to affect all the main parties, but especially so Labour. I really thought their attitudes might begin to change after the Euro-elections when UKIP gave them a drubbing, but the metropolitan elite are stuck up their own digestive tracts.
  12. Wards are the constituent parts of local council areas. No has won the first council. But all votes count towards the total. Sorry to be pedantic.
  13. Seems like Yes are doing better in 'working class' Labour areas. Is Miliband going to resign?
  14. You are misinformed. West German unemployment in 1973-9 was 2.9%, just over half of that of the UK, and 6.1% during 1980-87, again just over half that of the UK. There was a global recession caused by oil price spikes in both periods, but the UK fared worse. www.researchgate.net/ publication/ 4890808_Unemployment_in_the_OECD_Since_the_1960s._What_Do_We_Know/ links/ 0deec52a7070758e47000000
  15. There were stories in the press about a week ago about thousands of voting cards going missing. We now know what happened to them. Apparently, the Yes camp are disappointed because the Glasgow result is - so far - 54% Yes - when the Yes had expected a much bigger lead.
  16. Not everyone, but enough. However, the GCHQ sample size is - at around 4 million voters - a damn sight bigger than that of the pollsters.
  17. German unemployment went into the stratosphere after 1990 when the capitalist west was attempting to asimiliate the formerly communist east.
  18. Germany since 1945 has been much more of a social democratic welfare state than ever was the case with Britain.
  19. You could never get a 100% turnout anyway, if only because there are bound to be deaths since the register was compiled. Even in apolling district with just 900 voters, you couldn't avoid deaths.
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