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  1. i take it you are quite happy to see that 350-odd Palestinians have been killed so far in this round - a large proportion of them children?
  2. But the logically contradictory nature of your post lies in the fact that we are discussing is and discussing it in these terms. Clearly this has been in the interests of Kiev and the US/UK.
  3. Well, even I would be in favour if it was not just Russians. However, I suspect Osbo won't do it because it would cause a HPC.
  4. An interesting article with a few new points. I took the Putin assassination attempt notion as someone muddying the waters, and it also seems to be mad for Putin to be flying anywhere near Ukraine, but PCR does make a good case for why, if it were true, the Russians would want to deny it. For anybody who has read accounts of the Cuban missile crisis or seen the movie Thirteen Days, they might recall that while JFK and his coterie were attempting to calm things down, the 'Brass' were doing all they could to trigger an incident.
  5. Thank you for answering a question I was about to ask.
  6. I have come across some interesting sites which contain information that suggests that the war in east Ukraine has not been going so well as the western media has been saying since the end of May. in particular, it seems that the Ukrainian army has been encircled and is trapped in a pocket up against the Russian border. Red shows disposition of pro-Russsian forces, blue the Ukrainians. The big town in the north is Lugansk, the one in the west is Donetsk. http://slavyangrad.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/ivano-frankovsk-soldiers-tell-the-truth-july-12-2014/ http://www.for-the-fans.com/one-third-of-the-ukranian-army-trapped/ https://twitter.com/hashtag/Slavyangrad?src=hash Maybe this desperate situation is behind the MH17 incident - manufacturing of western aid for Kiev's forces?
  7. Ha! This seems pretty standard stuff for any crisis involving Russia. Aren't you ashamed for being so naive as to swallow these resignations every time? Seems straight out of the MI6/CIA play book. And when you criticise RT for being a propaganda organ you never seem to mention things like the BBC playing video in 2011 of 'anti-Ghadaffi protestors in Tripoli' waving Indian flags, showing video coverage of demos in Tripoli which were actually shot on a film set, their continual airing of stories in 2013 which 'demonstrated' that Assad was behind the Ghouta gas attack etc. Disclaimer: I look at RT website but I look at it far less than I do the websites of the BBC and the Daily Mail.
  8. And another reason why I don't really buy into the 'it was an accident' theory is that the aircraft that have been doing all the damage to the east Ukrainians - bombing apartment blocks and the like - have been bombing from a height more like 10,000 feet or lower. Why shoot at something over 30,000 feet?
  9. The same purpose as an accident judging by the present propaganda war. Do you consider the Lusitania an accident? It didn't immediately change anything but it helped set the stage for American entry into World War 1.
  10. You are quite right - if it was an accident. But acts have political consequences, whether they are deliberate or accidental, so I think the question of cui bono is important.
  11. There is a general problem with privately rented accommodation - but a simple almost non-regulatory solution would be to prohibit people from owning more than one house.
  12. I'm starting from the question of who benefits - certainly not Russia or the anti-Kiev armed dissidents. And the US has form when it comes to planning false flag plane events - such as the 1962 proposal to down a passenger flight and blame it on Havana to justify an invasion of Cuba (Operation Northwoods) and of course the 2002/3 notion of Bush to paint up a US airplane in UN colours and shoot it down over Baghdad to justify an Iraq invasion.
  13. Kurt, I can't understand why an obviously intelligent person like you places so much faith in western politicians and media outlets. You wouldn't make a very good police detective, would you? You would arrive at a crime scene and rule out 90% of the possibilities.
  14. . . . together with the threat of hugely expensive litigation. Every little helps.
  15. A mass exodus now that Berlusconi's had his conviction quashed.
  16. As is the world GDP growth forecast I put on a new thread.
  17. My daughter bought a similar property - terraced - for 62k in 2011. It is probably around 100k now but she doesn't want to move, couldn't afford to anyway, and there's going to be a fall back to 2011 levels quite soon IMO.
  18. Well, in what constituency do you live? Who is your MP? I used my vote in the Euros to help wreck the Lib Dems by voting UKIP. In my local authority area they = the LDs - came sixth. And I was not only a Lib Dem voter for 25 years but also a party member.
  19. And lots of north Africans who can't wait to get into southern Italy.
  20. I said - 'like Wales,' meaning, 'for example, Wales.' I didn't include any other places because I am more familiar with house prices in Wales. Since 7 year itch has denigrated my motherland, i am happy that we now know that his itch is down to thrush. (a thread on the OT forum). I like Lincolnshire by the way.
  21. Seems like the same stunt CIA/MI6 played a few months back over Crimea. They are getting so repetitive!
  22. My attempt at humour failed. I read it as something like 'even Jimmy Savile found this disgusting!" yes, I am a native English speaker, and believe it or not I was about to quote that Biblical passage, but you beat me to it.
  23. Why not buy a house in a cheaper part of the country - like Wales?
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