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  1. We had a thread on postmodernism a few months back on the Off-Topic Forum.
  2. The United States is still suffering from the effects of the cold weather of January, February, March, April, May and June.
  3. They still haven't decided what happened to TWA800 which went down after flying over a naval exercise on July 17 1996.
  4. An interesting and not entirely off-topic tweet from an MP. https://twitter.com/patmcfaddenmp/status/491511677696086016
  5. A lot of suffering for an unrealistic economic policy.
  6. At least the article pinpoints the problem of HPI.
  7. There is far more discussion on the off-topic forum. HPC is not obscure!
  8. Quite a large number of employees at my local council were willing to have their hours reduced to save money and avoid redundancies. Not only did the (Labour-controlled) council not agree; neither did the trade unions.
  9. That's interesting. How much does it cost? BTW I read somewhere that California has restricted/banned fracking water injections in certain parts of the state.
  10. Britain is not facing a water crisis. There is a shortage in the south and east and a surplus elsewhere. Of course, if fracking is allowed, and groundwater is polluted, we are, er, fracked.
  11. The Daily Mail is Britain's equivalent of the Nazi propaganda organ, Die Bild.
  12. They were probably Arab versions of Standard Fireworks. In any case there is something Nazi-like in the disproportionate response, targetting women and children, and civilians in general as opposed to Hamas, whom I am sure you are aware, were created by the Israeli state to fight the PLO.
  13. The United States Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) has this complicated so-called Birth-Death model for employment/unemployment. It is frequently criticised for its unreal assumptions. Food stamp usage is till on the rise and the housing market so far as I can see, is in the doldrums, so there is at least in that sector a discrepancy between US and UK.
  14. There is in my local authority clearly a white collar, managerial elite of possibly 150 people who get extravagant pay and benefits packages. They seem to have achieved total dominance over the elected Labour politicians who control the Cabinet and the Council. The councillors are ineffective and not very good at fighting this bureaucracy, and so the burden of wage cuts - such as there have been - have fallen on groups like the dustbinmen, with reduced hours and cut back on overtime etc. All together, the cuts in wages were quite severe, and I confronted a Labour councillor about this injustice, his reply being, "Well, nobody left the council's employment." Of course they wouldn't, in an area with really high structural unemployment. Where else could basically unskilled men find work? I think the answer may be to have smaller councils, with councillors in political control who can take on much smaller bureaucracies.
  15. How many casualties? Because I am sure that it was nearer 0 than the 425 score against the Palestinian deaths so far in this Nazi-like collective punishment.
  16. This post is so insightful. I have a number of lovely grandchildren and i don't want them to be horrible, but I often worry that they are being set up for a life of economic victimhood.
  17. We did not slaughter kids on the beach in the Irish Republic when the IRA fired rockets over the border into south Armagh.
  18. Funny. It seemed to me a case of you trying to chase me off by hurling a torrent of abuse at me. I certainly don't take pleasure in 298 innocent people dying, nor in 1 million plus or 50,000. If you are referring to yourself as someone having something 'mildly interesting' to say, it was not you. The stakes involved in de-dollarisation are huge. If you think great powers don't kill innocent people for that sort of thing, you have no idea of history.
  19. So discussing the motivations for carrying out a political act makes one a disgusting and vile individual, eh? I bet you subscribe to the 'Putin ate my baby' school of Daily Mail retard-thought. You don't think there were any economic reasons behind the removal of Saddam Hussein or Colonel Ghaddafi? You really believe all that killing was done out of the best of motives? One million-plus dead in Iraq and 50,000 in Libya. Who is the sick individual here?
  20. Why assume that there is going to be a single currency? In recent months there have been a number of bi-lateral trade and currency deals. Countries around the world are not only worried about the long term viability of the dollar but are increasingly fed up of the US abusing its position - eg BNP Paribas and subsequent reaction by Bank of France.
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