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  1. Back in the 1990s the Tories got rid of the one benefit that was 100% contribution-based - I speak of unemployment benefit. You got it for a maximum of 12 months as of right based on previous NI contributions.
  2. So you are denying that there are not political crises in some politically sensitive places? And what exactly has Putin got to apologise for?
  3. I think there were eight council by-elections last Thursday and the Lib Dems only stood in half. As their activist base implodes their ability to fight elections is diminishing all the time.
  4. Russia is not going to become a vassal state of China. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is projecting American patterns of behaviour onto other state actors on the world stage. In any case, I think that Putin can delay military intervention until after the Nato Summit in Newport on September 3rd - 5th.
  5. But this Tory git isn't the first. I seem to remember Earl Gowrie quitting as Arts Minister for the same reason back in the John Major days, but then he didn't get the MPs' salary on top of his ministerial salary because he was a member of the Lords.
  6. If this is 2007 all over again, it's 2007 plus guns and missiles. The political situation in many parts of the globe is febrile, if not down right perilous, from ISIS in Iraq to Poroshenko in the Ukraine, and the latter conflict could trigger World War 3.
  7. Yes, this decision by India has to be seen in the context of other recent decisions by the BRICS - that's why I fear some sort of military confrontation.
  8. Yes! Will you be still up for Clegg's result in Hallam?
  9. Indeed. It's called the Bretton Woods Settlement. Maybe it's time for an international bankruptcy court, although it should be run by the BRICS and not the Anglo-Americans.
  10. The issue here is whether this decision by India will put a nail in the coffin of the WTO, which has been a primary driver in the advance of globalaisation and therefore the advance of western interests. It should be Considered in relation to the recent BRICS meeting which set up a Development Fund and a Currency Stabilization Fund, as well as other moves by China, Russia, India and others to reduce the demand for Us dollars. India is not an insignificant player on the world stage. Unlike the UK for instance, it can send space probes to Mars.
  11. It seems to me that this is an important story. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-01/india-slams-us-global-hegemony-scuttling-global-trade-deal-puts-future-wto-doubt
  12. Putin keeps referring to "our American partners." Is this postmodern irony?
  13. Not much in the news about the resignation of Yatsenuk, but so fara s I can see it was triggered by the right-wing (neo-Nazi ) parties withdrawing their support over certain of the IMF conditionalities. New parliamentary elections are the likely result, but I can't see the right-wing parties fading away.
  14. Student loans are IO mortgages. How long before the first legal actions for mis-selling them?
  15. If Amazon can't make a profit -what with tax dodging and slavery for employees - who can?
  16. This Duma meeting business seems to have been merely an internet rumour.
  17. Sanctions on Russia, growing trouble in the Middle East - it's easy to see that there might be a supply shock, in addition to current supply not being able to meet current needs. So yes, if the oil price spiral, that will preoccupy the public and the talking heads and nobody need ever mention the QE and the derivatives.
  18. The ex-CEO of Banco Espirito Santo, who resigned last month has been detained in a money laundering probe. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-24/banco-espirito-santo-ceo-who-quit-last-month-detained-money-laundering-probe
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