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  1. Health costs are the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the United States.
  2. After Nu Labour got in in 1997 the mantra was lifelong learning. That makes sense in a modern economy where you have to continually upgrade your knowledge and competence. And the system did provide that, in the form of institutions like the Open University, the ability to take A levels at Fe Colleges and so on. Now we are back to the "it must all be sorted out by 18-21" or else you're fckud. The accessibility of the OU as well as the range of its courses in subject areas like science has diminished, and the A level fees mentioned in the OP, speak to a situation where opportunities in later life are receding. And it's no longer lifelong learning - it's lifelong loaning.
  3. Sorry, but the flux capacitor depends on Russian imports, and in the current trade climate . .
  4. I really, really hate RBS. It just rubs in the fact that there is one rule for them and another one for us, the Great Unwashed. Consider that a man was jailed for 3.5 years last week for recording a motion picture in a cinema, and then consider how many get-out-of-jail free cards that this disgusting entity, RBS, has been given.
  5. I think the article understates the positive impact of the welfare state which, despite its failings, makes Britain a better place to live in than the USA.
  6. Get rid of geography? You want us to be like the yanks, who think Central America means Kansas?
  7. History - in Roger Bootle's words - may tell us that such high loan to salary ratios cannot be maintained, but to be frank, nothing that has happened since 2008 bears any relation to history.
  8. A better analogy would be the Uk disintegrates and the democratically elected government of Wales is overthrown by a gang of hoodlums from Gwynedd who ban Welsh TV, ban the use of any language other than Welsh in legal documents, commerical activities and so on. There would be an armed uprising in the south and east.
  9. http://www.prisonplanet.com/russia-accuses-ukraine-of-staging-gleiwitz-style-false-flag.html
  10. Lots of disinfo, but none of this is going to end well. Wear your mushrooms with pride.
  11. I am not so sure we can be totally insulated from a European gas cut-off. There will be a huge price spike - would this lead to force majeure being declared as a reason for the voiding of GB contracts with Norway? And a drop in commercial and industrial/agricultural output in the rest of the EU will have severe consequences for us, I would have thought, given the interdependency of the Uk economy with the rest of Europe. And if it's a really cold winter, would the Uk keep everything going as per normal while French and German citizens froze to death?
  12. I'm sure that sanctions on Russia, and Moscow's retaliation on EU food imports, is not oing to help.
  13. If the bill for necessities exceeds your income, no amount of advice will help. That's why food bank usage has exploded in the past four years.
  14. Yes, or in the words of the last lot, "If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."
  15. So they would have to live cheek-by-jowl with those who clean ando the menial jobs.
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