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  1. Has Russia finally invaded Ukraine? That is what the Kiev junta are alleging, and although RT points out that there is no proof forthcoming from Kiev, Putin has not denied it. http://rt.com/news/183356-russia-poroshenko-invasion-ukraine/
  2. But he's probably thinking of how well UKIP performed in the Euro-elections last May.
  3. As regards (i) How are you feeling? Ebola takes a few days or more to exhibit symptoms.
  4. I was talking of Ice Bucket Challenge (GB) PLC
  5. Wasn't he supposed to have dressed up like one, according to his former dominatrix, the one who has a book coming out soon?
  6. The Ice Bucket Challenge has hired JP Morgan to arrange for an IPO later in the year, so there is hope.
  7. Yet a war hero - like Simon Weston - who committed an offence when he was under 18 and later reformed, was barred from standing for election.
  8. Yes, i noticed the reference to 'Pakistani heritage' on the British State Broadcasting Corporation last night.
  9. And how will that increase exports? It might reduce imports, especially basic foodstuffs. Perhaps we could rely on aid from Burkino Faso?
  10. Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 785 - geopolitical turmoil is not good for exports, even if you can make something to export.
  11. Argentina is pursuing a better path than Greece which decided to obey every whim and diktat of its western creditors. Screw the New york vulture funds.
  12. Good point that you raise - but is ignoring one or more reports by social workers a perversion of the course of justice? He can't be investigated by his own police force - after all, they ignored 1,400 abuse victims. the first step must be investigation by an outside force or the IPCC.
  13. He cannot be sacked. The law permitting election of PCCs does not include a right of recall.
  14. The South Yorkshire police chief has pledged to remain in post too.
  15. Kids who ask questions and think critically in scholl are considered disruptive.
  16. Hollande has been stuck between a rock and a hard place the past year. On the one hand Merkel and her Finance minister have been pressing for more austerity. On the other, the previous French finance minister and the Left of the Partie Socialiste have been pushing back against austerity. Hollande has sidelined the Left for now, but the record jobless figures announced today suggest that the PS Left are correct. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-08-27/get-back-work-mr-hollande-french-jobseekers-surge-record-high
  17. Would equities fall if there was a nuclear war, or if the Sun exploded? No amount of downside risk seems to affect them, which strongly suggests that there's alot of fiddling going on..
  18. with respect to student debt, there is a clear lack of critical thinking among parents, not just students. many parents are proud that their kids are in university and many, when they graduate, get further into debt by borrowing to finance a PGCE course. But when you've got over admiring the graduation photographs and ask Mum about how the rate of interest, which will apply to the pGCE course, will affaect the debt, and how long it will take to pay it off, she goes all blank and says, "the people with the jobs are the ones with the most qualifications," and I shudder for the future of the next generation.
  19. That aggressive, disrespectful line of questioning was pretty common in the US until the 1980s, but it seemed to change after the corporate media consolidated its power after Iran-contra and Operation Desert storm. The White House Press Corps can now only be described as 'fawning.'
  20. I read somehwere last year that a Veteran from the wars had his disability cheque seized by the debt collectors. This is the way things are going in this country, I fear, given the surge in the default rate.
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