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  1. May I recommend this book for some good weekend reading? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tescopoly-How-Shop-Came-Matters/dp/1845295110/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409302569&sr=1-1&keywords=tescopoly
  2. I would just like to point out that these regulations were sponsored in the EU parliament by the Free Alliance group of MEPs, which includes Plaid Cymru and SNP members. So they want the Scots to be 'free', but not free to buy a vacuum cleaner of their own choice.
  3. I really enjoyed reading about Tesco's difficulties today. Payback for all those town centres you helped to destroy.
  4. Send a swat team around to a consumer's house to give them a good kicking whenever they plug in, and they will soon change their behaviour.
  5. Given that Denninger was talking about food, that was my focus.
  6. The point is, hasn't the EU got anything better to do than ban everything? vitamins, herbal remedies, vaccum cleaners . . . Come on.
  7. I don't approve of the sentiments that you replied to, but I think you should be aware that many of the abused girls weren't in care, and some that were went into care because their 'boyfriends' encouraged them to get into care because the parents were a barrier to their depraved ambitions. Having said that, it does seem like you are to some extent blaming the white trash chav victims here. As for UKIP, haven't they already gained some ground - topping the poll in the Euro-elections, destroying the Lib Dems? They don't seem to have the ability yet to gain seats at Westminster, but then that was true for many years of the SDP, the Liberals and the Liberal Democrats.
  8. Only 15% of us Welsh voted for Plaid Cymru in May, so your assertion looks rather weak.
  9. Shale gas boom unlikely to extend as far as 2018.
  10. If it's a bank it's probably Schrodinger's Cat that's part of the offer. It both exists and does not exist until you collapse the probability wave function by signing the mortgage agreement and it ceases to exist.
  11. I wonder what kind of organisation Carswell has in place for a by-election. UKIP does not have an inspiring record when it comes to concentrating its efforts to win a parliamentary seat under first-past-the-post. I could understand their near miss in Eastleigh, but their poor performance in Newark was astonishing. And then there's UKIP's candidate in Clacton from 2010 - saying he should be the one who stands in the by-election (double face palm).
  12. It's time for Russia to quit trying to integrate with the western financial system.
  13. Poor 1%. They suffered so much in those desperate times before Maggie.
  14. Maybe one of Porky Pig's shells landed on his house.
  15. There does seem to be a major development in east Ukraine, but given the level of disinformation from both sides, it's difficult to work out what. It does seem the Kiev pigs have suffered a major defeat though.
  16. Especially ones hosting NATO summits.
  17. I agree - everyone should vote UKIP. That way UKIP will form the next government, not Labour.
  18. i do not subscribe to that view. Carswell seems to be more interested in Westminster than Brussels.
  19. Bush was extremely right wing in some ways, though not as right wing as Obama. Remember that there are two types of right wing in US politics. The neoconservatives, the former Democrats who are the heirs to Trotsky, want pre-emptive, unending war against all and everyone. they are right wing revolutionaries, the Jacobins of politics. The old Conservatives - the paleo-conservatives - are interested in peace and folllowing the dictates of that great document, the Constitution of the United States.
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