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  1. This is a childish and irresponsible representaion of my website www.FirstRungNow.com - just what you'd expect from this often peurile forum. Is that the best you can do? Reasoned arguement?
  2. If you think of buying a first home and starting to pay off a mortgage as an investment in your own (and maybe your children's future) rather than an investment from which to make alot of money then the picture looks different. It depends where you want to be in 30 years time - still paying rent to someone else, or comfy under your own now 'free' roof. Your pick.
  3. I'm not a mortgage broker, I run an on-line information and advice site for those who want to know about different ways of buying a first home. It's a genuine site with a good reputation. www.FirstRungNow.com I just wanted to see how HPC responded to my point but they haven't. Never mind. Got to go and make tea!
  4. Damage, damages, damages. All mounting - very day!
  5. What pomposity! I have only posted today..for some discussion on the efficacy of HPC - not as, you seem self-centredly to think, about you! Talk about an ego - the size of a shed! You definitely like the sound of your own voice - I have had several compaints about it from industry people! Honest? Have you been listening to your solicitors?
  6. This is exactly what HPC have been doing for years - spreading goom and doom about an iminent crash. Despite thier poor quality and out of date graphs, we can all wee that the crash has not occured and that those who invested in property more than a year ago will by and large now have more equity in their property and will probably have made a start in paying off the mortgage. Ie they are on their way to owning their own home. Despite their own press officer Reinhard Shuh being a case in point, HPC don't seem to realise that the demand for typical first properties and accomodation in genera
  7. Those who are misguided are those who listened to such un-thought-out swingeing market forecasts from HPC. Their unfounded and unproven market predictions make them look frankly idiotic. We at www.FirstRungNow.com recommend you buy when you are ready but take a measured, long term view of buying a first home. Aspiring first time buyers should think carefully when they listen to jumped up pseudo-economists at HPC who can afford to take a break from mortgages because they have accrued enough equity to always have a deposit or they earn enough money so that when they retire it will not matter t
  8. Houseprice Crash has been telling prospective house buyers not to buy for over 3 years now. Had someone bought 3 years ago they would be alot wealthier than they are now had they carried on renting. Somone who bought a £100k house then, would have gained tens of thousands of pounds in equity whilst others who might ahve heeded your advice have paid a good deal of money out on rent. What net loss they might have made by listening to houspricecrash! Those who see the long term merits of buying a first home can find out more at FirstRungNow.com
  9. If my memory serves me correctly, since about October 2003 you at HPC have been warning people not to invest in a first home because property prices are about to'crash'. Since that time - though it's hard to tell from your difficult to read and out of date graphs, how much would a FTB who had intended to buy in autumn 2003 have lost in increase in property value? What might they have 'wasted' in rent?
  10. If you have looked at www.FirstRungNow.com recently you will see that we lay out the facts as we see them so those who want to own the roof over their own head can see the options. We don't force people to come to our web-site! Buying witha stranger is one option - a whole BBC series was made about it - with little or no mention of the fallbacks or co-habitation agreements which we see as rather irresponsible. Do you give the BBC such a bad critique? They can probably influence the market far more than FirstRungNow could - even if it wanted to! A sign of the times is a fact that 3 compani
  11. from Helen Adams of www.FirstRungNow.com Our research shows that buying a place with someone else is not a first choice but often the least favoured option. And buying with a stranger can sometimes offer up other risks - but so can buying with someone with whom you have a past - there may even be more likelihood of conflict with a brother, sister, girlfriend than with a stranger. To reduce risks, measures can be put in place to protect your investment. You have to approach it correctly. We at FirstRungNow recommend that it is approached in a business like way and a co-habitation agreement
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