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  1. nearly as vomit-inducing as Julie Walters whoreing herself out for Lloyds TSB or that earlier one with a matronly-sounding home counties lady assuring the viewer of "sensible banking" :angry:
  2. The land-owning aristocracy has already found ways of avoiding death duties . For example , my landlord is not the titled guy who lives in the local castle . Technically (and legally) my landlord is a trust based in Guernsey , while he and other family members are merely trustees . Similarly , the works of art in the castle are also free from duty as they are available for viewing to the public .
  3. A profit is a profit , hats off to all the little guys who are making money in this market . I`ve lost my nerve at the moment and can only see the downside wherever I look .
  4. Blimey ! what a jump , hope you`re in with a few squid ?
  5. I sold around a third of all my holdings last week and missed the top by a day or two but had a really good run from March . I needed the money for other things and felt I`d ridden the tiger for long enough . The cash realised was roughly equivalent to my initial stake money and I recovered the losses from a disasterous year for my pension fund , ISA and bond . It felt good to take my finances back into my own hands and turn things around . I just can`t see how things will develop from here but when you begin to sense a buyers frenzy in shares , like property , I`m inclined to take a step back .
  6. No particular insight but can tell you I have a few of these at av. 3.6p so up around 50% so far . I`d say no more or less risky than any of these AIM oil and gas gambles . The news of Hyundai building a power station near Logbaba was very bullish to me but the drill isn`t in the ground yet . The Siberian field seems promising and there may yet be a favourable resolution to the Kazakh impasse . The share dilution as a result of another SEDA drawdown is becoming a factor to consider but there seems to be real momentum building . I`m buy and hold by nature but can see myself bailing out at 10p or so . This is just my uninformed opinion .
  7. What you`re both saying is you`re going to become buy`n`hold merchants
  8. Can`t find fault with anything he said and as the interviewer acknowledged , the falls in HP have been even more dramatic than Jonathan Davis predicted - at a time when the mainstream opinion was that prices could never fall . It was FP himself who brought HPC forum to my attention when he was interviewed on Radio 2 . Summer of `06 I believe .
  9. Maybe a stupid question but don`t you become liable for tax when the ISA cash is removed from its "envelope" ... so to speak ? .
  10. NSB

    Hi Guy's

    Cheers for that TV . Think I`ll sit tight with my EUR for the time being , hoping to convert them to GBP at 90p or better if I`m patient enough . KAZ is Kazakhmys trading on the LSE , currently trading @630 quite a volatile mining share . Your trading strategy is correct of course , but we "buy and hold" guys operate on a lower level I think . Not for us the cut and thrust of daily trading . Anything likely to raise the pulse is to be avoided , never mind sleepless nights . Cheers
  11. NSB

    Hi Guy's

    Hi TV , good to see a forex trader joining in . I don`t post much but like to follow the opinions of the experts in here . I`m interested in the EUR/GBP and still hoping for sterling to fall further as things progress but not tempted to trade FX myself . Too risky and not enough grey cells . I hold RBS @ .27 hoping to top up if it gets below 35p again . KAZ @ 2.80 BARC @ 1.11 AVIVA @ 1.90 again looking for more at the right money . I`m a buy and hold merchant so not too tempted to sell even though I`m inclined to think the market will fall significantly in the next 3 months . How far and for how long is the question ? .
  12. Then you assume wrongly .... again . http://www.defra.gov.uk/farm/singlepay/evo.../setaside09.htm
  13. Record ? lol nah Herald actually . Judging by your post , Uncle Toms must read the Daily Mail (English edition of course) .
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