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  1. At least they have the mumbles to brighten up an otherwise dreary existance , they could have been sent to Merthyr
  2. In my own head I sound like Richard Burton crossed with Tom Jones and a wee dash of Windsor Davies ( loverrrrly boy ! ) My mates at rugby club say its more like Gladys off Hi di Hi ( bing bong)
  3. Only first time adult applicants were ever invited to interview - not renewals ,not people changing from child passports - was aimed at immigrants and new passport applicants - areas identified as the 2 highest fraud risks
  4. Yep I agree mate but I want a place to live and to be honest - once we are in and settled , the price of it becomes academic
  5. Seeing it here too mate - lots of the 'stickers' those houses that have been on for a year or so without dropping a penny are starting to drop
  6. Just come off night shift and caught the i-player rerun Big thanks from me for your input - your contribution was all the more valuable due to your sensible measured delivery - you should not underestimate the impact that real people have when they get airtime - I heard about the show while on nights from a guy who is usualy bullish , He didn't mention any of the invited guests , it was the callers who made the impact on him. So Nice one TB , nice one.
  7. the eastern 'burbs are coming down in price , slowly but steadily - if theres an acceleration in the drops over the next few months its highly likely I'll be pitching in my cash soon
  8. They do in the british legion - but i have an aversion to dominoes and war stories so don't tend to go in
  9. I live in Snozzle at the moment - it is almost unbelievable how many new boards have gone up in last few weeks - lots and lots of little £2k - £5k drops showing on rightmove too - as I comented earlier , the EA's starting to scrabble for buyers too -hence a big increase in 'You still interested ?' type e-mail/phone calls Interestingly the recent Auction at Penventon , Redruth was a complete waste of time for properties in this area - there were 3 up and none sold - having viewed two of them myself I'm not surprised
  10. Sorry mate it is simply not in the same world as being a squaddie - physical labour it may have been - hard graft it may have been , but don't for one minute tell me it came remotely close to the mental stress , continual fear and sheer feckin danger of being a squaddie
  11. Thanks Reck - my first full on LOL moment of the week
  12. Lots going in Mevagissy and Fowey too - Fowey river EA started emailing me on the weekend after months of silence .
  13. Oh thank you ! I am now giggling like a cretin
  14. Plenty coming on line here in mid cornwall - seeing low but sure price drops in the 3/4 bed typical semi types . it seems that its 2k off here 3k off there but at least the movement is the right way.
  15. Walk into any ward at any major hospital and ask the staff
  16. I'm not talking paper shufflers here Bloo- nor typical middle management types (where I happen to fully agree with your sentiments)- these are people who work in that often misused term 'the front line' - these people have real skills that are transferable - that means they have a chance in the real world outside the publice sector - the problem occurs when they leave - the job still needs doing , but the people doing it are not as good as those who left - this is why I believe its right as I mentioned earlier , to get rid of the real dead wood , even if the cost is higher short term.
  17. I didn't use the word genius - you did . Neither did I comment on the numbers Let me clarify - the few that have already been scared out of the public sector here , are the few that could find decent work in the private sector - they just happened to be IMO some of the better people in the job
  18. Spot on - the only fly in this ointment is that the ones who are leaving are the better quality people - it leaves the dross and coffin dodgers running the public services. Far better to bite the bullet - pay a little more to get rid of the true dead wood - and I can vouch for the fact that theres plenty.
  19. Called constructive dismissal - the tribunal would cost way more than the redundancy - better to negotiate a pay cut across the board then make the required redundancies
  20. not all Wales is the same tho bud - take a look at the drops in some of the lower valley areas -Ponypridd ,Pontypool etc I am a follower of the idea that there is no property 'market' in the uk but actuall 100's of markets , each with its own fluctuations etc . Hold up tho mate , when DVLC and HMRC and IPS start swinging the chopper there , soon and hard I reckon , prices can go only 1 way
  21. Similar story further south and west matey - the area I'm watching has plenty thats been on for many months with minor drops here and there.
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