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  1. At least they have the mumbles to brighten up an otherwise dreary existance , they could have been sent to Merthyr
  2. In my own head I sound like Richard Burton crossed with Tom Jones and a wee dash of Windsor Davies ( loverrrrly boy ! ) My mates at rugby club say its more like Gladys off Hi di Hi ( bing bong)
  3. Only first time adult applicants were ever invited to interview - not renewals ,not people changing from child passports - was aimed at immigrants and new passport applicants - areas identified as the 2 highest fraud risks
  4. Yep I agree mate but I want a place to live and to be honest - once we are in and settled , the price of it becomes academic
  5. Seeing it here too mate - lots of the 'stickers' those houses that have been on for a year or so without dropping a penny are starting to drop
  6. Just come off night shift and caught the i-player rerun Big thanks from me for your input - your contribution was all the more valuable due to your sensible measured delivery - you should not underestimate the impact that real people have when they get airtime - I heard about the show while on nights from a guy who is usualy bullish , He didn't mention any of the invited guests , it was the callers who made the impact on him. So Nice one TB , nice one.
  7. the eastern 'burbs are coming down in price , slowly but steadily - if theres an acceleration in the drops over the next few months its highly likely I'll be pitching in my cash soon
  8. They do in the british legion - but i have an aversion to dominoes and war stories so don't tend to go in
  9. I live in Snozzle at the moment - it is almost unbelievable how many new boards have gone up in last few weeks - lots and lots of little £2k - £5k drops showing on rightmove too - as I comented earlier , the EA's starting to scrabble for buyers too -hence a big increase in 'You still interested ?' type e-mail/phone calls Interestingly the recent Auction at Penventon , Redruth was a complete waste of time for properties in this area - there were 3 up and none sold - having viewed two of them myself I'm not surprised
  10. Sorry mate it is simply not in the same world as being a squaddie - physical labour it may have been - hard graft it may have been , but don't for one minute tell me it came remotely close to the mental stress , continual fear and sheer feckin danger of being a squaddie
  11. Thanks Reck - my first full on LOL moment of the week
  12. Lots going in Mevagissy and Fowey too - Fowey river EA started emailing me on the weekend after months of silence .
  13. Oh thank you ! I am now giggling like a cretin
  14. Plenty coming on line here in mid cornwall - seeing low but sure price drops in the 3/4 bed typical semi types . it seems that its 2k off here 3k off there but at least the movement is the right way.
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