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  1. lid

    What/who will collapse first in 2018

    I'm sure they'll bounce back
  2. lid

    strange tastes

    I'm guessing sniff
  3. cheers i didn't know there were a few out there charging buttons to sell a house the gel heads on the high street must be shitting bricks
  4. i'm using the same online agent but i spoilt myself and went for the £199 option which included the home visit by a very nice lady who took some great pics and did a floorplan and description, the sale is going through after a couple of months and knocking a few % off the price i had the unsolicited letters from a local EA asking me to contact them too i just ignored them, maybe i should have rang them and asked if they could price match for a laugh you can smell the fear, they must realise they will soon be done for
  5. knocked £1.5m off the asking price well, the first cut is the deepest
  6. you can sell with doorsteps for £99, the end is nigh for the high street gel heads
  7. fire tv stick and a decent iptv service for around £50 a year inc all sky channels & also 3pm kick offs, ppv fights etc subscribing to sky & virgin is a mug's game these days
  8. lid

    Trouble at T'Property Tribes

    Might not be a doctor but some mid level innumerate pen pusher and part of the reason the NHS is falling to bits
  9. Anyone getting into BTL these days is scoring an own goal
  10. I hate it when you want to buy a house at a reasonable price for yourself and your family to live in but you find that a massive housing bubble has been inflated and no f**king government has the balls to deal with it.
  11. Never-had-a-job single mum of four neighbour let slip that she was just gonna give her kids a grand each for Christmas, easier than the hassle of all that shopping I suppose.
  12. I'm all for the upping the hours suggestion, but are there enough 40 hours per week jobs to go around?

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