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  1. Some good replies in the comment section of that wolfstreet article: "@SocalJim, I know you want to pump housing prices, but your comment is some of the worst mumbo-jumbo drivel word-salad I have read on quite some time. Do you think writing nonsensical sentences will drive up housing prices?" etc.
  2. Ha! I do like you Imhal! It's not that they are too difficult to articulate it's just that there are so many it's tiring and trite to go through them. It's gone beyond arguing it now as everyone has heard the arguments and I have never met anyone prepared to change their mind (apart from me but I'm special). I have noticed that personality-wise, remainers tend to be more money-minded and possible narcissistic whereas leavers seem to have a more long-term, more selfless attitude. That's why I am drawn to the leavers. Leavers tend to be more duty-based and the kind of person who w
  3. Hi Imhal - I honestly find it hard to explain. It's one of those things whereby if you have to ask me then there is nothing I can say which will mean anything. We both know the arguments so it's just now a matter of which direction 'calls to you'. If I pinpointed anything it would only be one tiny thing in a sea of things. It would trap me and I've found that talking to remainers is like putting your hand into a cage full of wild animals: there is no calmness, no understanding, no grace. My hand gets grabbed and mauled. Lots of "So you're saying that..." etc goes on and I feel bullie
  4. I cheer-lead Brexit and I'm not loaded. Yes I know the above are very rich. I don't really care - Brexit isn't about the money for most supporters. Remain argument ; "Money". Brexit argument "Pride". Yes I know, silly isn't it? But it's true and this is where people miss the point. Remainer rich are a-plenty and they have their own financial reasons for staying. The millionaires shown above just happen to support the same cause as me. Coincidence. They get tax relief, I get a sense of pride. It's all I've got really and it's worth a lot.
  5. It's all about the Boomers I think. Will they all try to downsize at the same time? I actually think now a lot of them have seen what is out there and for how much it's not worth selling their Boomer-Palaces and buying a far far smaller place for only a bit less money. Boomers cannot ever REDUCE their living standards and Pose-factor therefore I predict they will stay in their pads and not sell them for anything less than absolute top-dollar. Result? Gen X will not be able to aspire to the life their parents as the big posh pads are now far out of reach. Honestly, I think we are
  6. Can I reply to my own post? Doing it now. I do suspect however that this hyper-inflation of house prices is the portent of something huge. I think the globalists have had a go at keeping it going and in doing so have created a monster. I am going to call crash - not immediately but soon.
  7. I reckon lots of Gen X and possibly boomers are getting into BTL around here. Any little FTB house is being snapped up, done up and 100K added to the price. That is buy to sell I know but it shows what's going on. A bungalow down the road which we looked at 2yrs ago was 195 - they did it up a tiny bit and now it's 280. That is not unusual for around here. At least 75 thousand in 2 years for any house. It is nice round here and I think there is a bit of city flight to areas like this. Even with endless new builds around Pershore, Ledbury, you name it - massive estates which only appe
  8. Freki - weird one but yes we did. Anything we had been eyeing up sold immediately and we missed out on them and all we are left with now are the estate houses in v poor condition. We expected everyone else to smell the coffee and take reductions in their asking price but no-one is budging by even 5 thousand. Yes we did spend ages on Rightmove and drive-bys too but it's only when you actually get into a house do you see the true horror. There is no point viewing houses if you haven't got an offer on your own house as any offer you may make is laughed at by the EAs and in one case the other
  9. Here in Malvern nice houses are selling within a week. We're trying to sell (got 4 offers in 2 days) but everything we like the look of has gone up 70,000 in a few years. Apart from ours of course. Wife is on the phone to the estate agent now saying put it up by 70,000 as we can't afford to move. We tried offering on a tiny place which was wildly overpriced and they wouldn't take even 1pc off the full asking. Not looking good yet - we won't ever be able to move 'up' - only far into Herefordshire - and as everyone knows, it's dark there. Like Mordor. Estate houses are not selling
  10. Perhaps Q will have them indicted and send them all to Gitmo.
  11. You won't find this headlined in the BBC. Most of the executives I suspect benefit from insider knowledge and backhanders. I think anyone with half a brain knew help to buy was a scam.
  12. Sick buckets are out of your price-range. You should have worked harder - like we and my fellow boomers did. At one point my wife had to get a job. I started work at 18, retired at 25 on a full salary pension and have been retired for over a hundred years. My face is orange, I have a full head of white fluffy hair and I wear red trousers. Yet I am still deserving of respect.
  13. Jeez - I recommend this link if you want some Boomer-action extraordinaire: https://www.audleyvillages.co.uk/content/downsizing-infographic-image You will want to chew the table. These are the same people that gave us Crosby Stills and Nash. Now it's Farrow, Ball and Amuse-Bouche.
  14. Freezer - looks as if IRs will be coming down again (info from another thread). Boomers - if you get your head around the fact the everything has always been about them, everything IS about them and everything will be about them til they die then you've got it. I would not be surprised to read that the boomers have engineered new HPI - their assets don't get cheaper. They're boomers. They won't be going to care homes - they will import care workers into their huge pads. Care homes, if used at all will be like Audley Ellersley here in Malvern. Like a cruise ship marooned on the
  15. I posted recently postulating that they would pull a magic money-rabbit from a hat. Of course - print it. So obvious. Will prop up property for 6months and let HPC be the domain of Jeremy. Should we do the same here. I have been wrong about many things before so don't actually listen to me - I wouldn't. Don't stop believing though - in the depths of iniquity big finance can plumb. Go banks! Yay!
  16. I was going to mention this - but wouldn't have done quite so beautifully - very very good work. The EU - surely only for first time a Union (or...'Axis') of European countries have clubbed together to create an empire of control? Oh wait. Yes there has been a time before. And before that. Oh and before that - Mr Napoleon started it. Ah no, it was the Spanish - they had a go. Sheesh History doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes. Also - to quote Mark Twain: "If voting changed anything they wouldn't let us do it".
  17. Good evidence there. 10K in SE isn't a big cut though. I don't know original price though so perhaps it is. Tired of watching Escape to the Country (which we call Entitled Boomers Disappointed Their Million Pounds doesn't get them a Mansion) where they gleefully say 'The price of a detached property in the UK is...' then come out with something jaw-dropping like 300K. It's just not right. E to the C is awful Bull-fodder and shows how everywhere - seemingly regardless of location in the UK - has become ludicrously overpriced. It's the boomers I tell you. Now they're pr
  18. Sorry - just noticed your bold text bit. That was in the papers a week or so ago I believe. Sunday Times?
  19. First hand Hurle. In process of selling up myself and had lots of views and offers 15% under. Went up for sale 2yrs ago but had to pull out as my dad ran himself over with his own tractor (true and yes he survived - thank you Air Ambulance). Offered 250 and 255 same day when that happened. Now having another go and 230 if we're lucky. We have had to ask owners of houses we're looking at if they would be prepared to do the same - most say no - would rather wait... The estate agent is pulling his hair out trying to convince them to accept. If only to get things moving. This is the most
  20. Here in Worcestershire an estate agent I know has basically said offer prices (when they get one at all) are well well below the asking price. But there is a standoff. 12 viewings in one week. So, these asking price surveys are a load of rubbish when it comes to handing over real money. The boomers have stopped moving. The young buy new builds. I'm calling a short post-Brexit period of prices rising then slowly and inexorably creeping down. Saw-tooth style. Interesting to note that lenders are basically not lending to self-employed anymore.
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