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  1. Best car I ever had in the snow was a Daf44 - even had a little green button on the dash that you pushed if it was snowing. In those days I travelled 40 miles each way through Cornwall and Devon and I was quite often the only car that got through!
  2. I really do not know whether creditors can call on a bankrupt's assets after they have discharged - could someone clear this up? No they can't, the creditor is absolved of the debt.
  3. SOCIETY doesn't help - full stop. And where exactly would you draw the line regarding the amount of any windfall that would bring in the former bankrupt being COMPELLED to repay? Banks take a gamble - risk - on who they lend to, hence the costs of borrowing. I have had a tremendous amount to do with people who are facing bankruptcy and, in the vast majority of cases, they have not been feckless individuals. Many have been incredibly hard working, often providing employment for others and liquidating their own assets to pay their suppliers and staff, in the desperate hope of staving off bankruptcy. The media would not be interested in their stories, and, indeed, the level of shame many of these feel, they would not want their stories known. If bankrupts are found to be feckless, or at worst, fraudulent, they are dealt with accordingly through the courts, which I wholeheartedly support. But honest, hard working people who seriously consider taking their lives, or feel they have nowhere to turn for support, do not need to be criminalised or penalised for the rest of their lives. Indeed to do so could well take away their incentive to strive towards a successful life.
  4. Waiting for Horsemen - shouldn't that be Onmyhighhorse... I know of a lady who was involved in a horrific car crash in which both her husband and only son were killed. She lost both her legs. Bankruptcy was her only route. There are many, many people who took on commitments in good faith and then life dealt them a bitter blow - which rendered them unable to ever 'get back on their feet'. What a narrow and bigoted attitude. Perhaps you should learn the mantra "there but for the grace of God....'
  5. The income payment agreement (IPA) is calculated based on the following: The Official Receiver has a list of allowable expenses. i.e. dependant upon the make up of your family they will allow you so much for food, so much for utilities, clothing, even haircuts (£10 per adult and £5 per child per month) After paying the allowable expenses your IPA is a % of any surplus you have over £99 per month. Up to a certain amount they take 50% of that for 36 months. The highest % they take is 70%. There is also now a BRU or BRO - Bankruptcy Restriction Undertaking or Bankruptcy Restriction Order. If you are found to have taken on debt you knew you would not be able to pay back, paid one creditor preferentialy over another, gambled or generally lived the high life then one of the above is applied - effectively lengthening your bankruptcy by up to 10 years. Even though 'discharged' after one year or less, most banks and finance houses won't touch you with a barge pole for six years. Also as a bankrupt there isn't a single bank or building society that will give you a savings account. So not quite the walk in the park some people think it is.
  6. Obviously you will get some people who join a bankruptcy forum who think it's a fine and dandy thing to do. However, there are many more on that forum who don't. But for the skin of my teeth I would have been declaring myself bankrupt tomorrow. My anguish, guilt and sense of shame has been horrendous, and, had it not been for the support of some people on that forum, I doubt I would still be here! There are some utter *****oles on this site too, but that doesn't mean you're all damned.
  7. The problem with reluctant landlords is that they are not looking for long term tenants, which I'm sure would put a lot of people off their properties, especially families with children who certainly don't want to be moving every six months. We want to live in a property that offers us and our children some security (if at all possible in todays climate) so even if I were to see a simialar property at a much cheaper rent I certainly wouldn't be tempted to move. As many of the larger houses now coming onto the rental market would be for a family, I can see why there rents are low, because they will have the most difficulty finding short term tenants.
  8. You should see the millions they pay to their advertising agencies, especially the ones that do the TV campaigns. I wonder how much the overpaid execs of said agencies can afford to give to charities after funding thier industry jollies to the Cannes awards and paying the salaries for their Mercedes chauffeurs.
  9. Desperate housewife Anthea given notice Friday, 07 November 2008 LESS-than ‘perfect housewife’ Anthea Turner is in trouble with Waverley Borough Council after being told to demolish an illegally built £500,000 pavilion and tennis court at her Dunsfold home. The TV presenter and husband Grant Bovey could be taken to court if they don’t comply with an enforcement notice demanding they remove the 72.7square metre complex, which was built without planning permission. The luxury pavilion, which has a kitchen/sitting room, shower and lavatory, had already been built when they applied for retropective planning permission. Permission was refused, but councillors heard the Astroturf tennis court, floodlighting and pavilion were still standing at the 50-acre Babins estate near Chiddingfold. Meanwhile the couple have lodged an appeal, which, if it fails, means they have six months to comply. If they don’t, the council can take the couple to court – or even move in to destroy it. A council spokesman said: “If the inspector dismisses their appeal then the notice kicks-in and they have six months to implement the requirements of the notice. “If they fail to implement the notice this is a criminal offence and the council can then either prosecute the owners for failure to comply and/or take direct action and implement the requirements of the notice.” Councillors refused planning permission in February because the development contravened planning policy to protect the countryside. After making a site visit they noticed a “substantial” unauthorised extension on the back of the main house. Permission was previously granted for a tennis court, but in a different place. Anthea, 48, who helped celebrate 50 years of the children’s programme Blue Peter last month, has been touring to promote her book The Perfect Christmas.
  10. With your attitude it's the only sort of summer action you would ever get.
  11. This is the best link I know of http://www.justice.gov.uk/docs/insolvency-...tin-q2-2008.pdf
  12. When we first moved to this area I didn't have a clue where the local supermarkets were and just walked into the first one I could park by. Once inside I was truly shocked by how CHEAP everything was. As we had absolutely nothing in I stocked up on all the basics, even though I hardly recognised any of the brands. The biggest shock was when I came to pay. It was about half the cost I would have expected. The shop was ALDI and now I will not buy most of my shopping from anywhere else. My husband was not convinced about the quality so I literally did 'blind' taste tests on him - and each time the Aldi product won - he even checked the tins and jars because he didn't believe me! I now see people decanting their Aldi shopping into their Waitrose bags in the car park - poor insecure little people if they are so worried what other people think; I carry my Aldi forever bags everywhere ....funny thing is I probably live in one of the largest houses in the poshest area
  13. Big problem - to set up a party you need HUGE amounts of money and 'friends' in high places, otherwise I would be doing it!
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