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  1. For anyone tracking properties manually, I would highly recommend using Property Bee instead/as well. This now supports the ESPC, and is very useful for spotting changes as they occur. Here are some things I've seen in Stockbridge/New Town in the last two weeks: Jul 16, Fixed Price £295,000 to Fixed Price £280,000 (-15K) Jul 19, Fixed Price £485,000 to Fixed Price £455,000 (-30K) Jul 21, Fixed Price £240,000 to Fixed Price £225,000 (-15K) Jul 27, Fixed Price £365,000 to Fixed Price £350,000 (-15K) Jul 27, Fixed Price £399,950 to Fixed Price £380,000 (-20K) Jul 27, Fixed Price £325,000 to Fixed Price £315,000 (-10K) Jul 29, Fixed Price £225,000 to Fixed Price £205,000 (-15K) Jul 29, Fixed Price £335,000 to Fixed Price £325,000 (-10K) Jul 29, Fixed Price £295,000 to Fixed Price £270,000 (-25K) Jul 30, Fixed Price £239,000 to Fixed Price £229,000 (-10K) These are around 5-10% reductions, so not a huge movement - however these are just the reductions in properties that are staying at FP. Quite a few are flipping back and forth between OO and FP, but unlike previous years this tactic doesn't seem to be much help in shifting them. There are 6826 properties from the ESPC logged in Property Bee, vs 10410 on the ESPC site - so there's about 65% coverage at present.
  2. It depends a lot on the area and how optimistic buyers/sellers are feeling, but historically "offers over X" has meant the final sale price has been about 10-30% over (30%+ typically happening in Edinburgh, when things have been really crazy). If you offer exactly X, or anything under, the seller will say no. When things are slow, or a seller wants a quick sale, it's quite common for properties in Scotland to go for a fixed price where the first person who offers that typically gets it. However properties that aren't shifting often flip between "offers over" and "fixed price", where the fixed price is 10-30% over (or whatever the sellers think they can get away with). At that point if you pay the FP you'll get the property, but depending on how badly you want it/what competition there is/what your position is/etc you could reasonably offer anywhere between X and the fixed price. I would keep an eye on similar properties on GSPC with Property Bee, and see if you can see what kind of FP they go to after being at OO; that will give you an idea of what %ge over sellers in that area expect, and so what kind of offer would be taken seriously. For a 110K property you'll probably end up spending between 110K and 140K - but if you have the time it'd be worth watching that area with Property Bee and see if things are static or are starting to move down.
  3. The "..." character are literally what's displayed? Can you try grabbing the column dividers at the top of the side bar, and pulling them to the left or right to try and expand the columns? It sounds like perhaps your sidebar is set to show everything, and so every column has squashed down to about 10 pixels wide or something (which will truncate all the text inside it). You can click the little botom at the top right corner of the side bar (immediately above the top of the vertical scroll bar) to decide which columns to display. I normally just have title, price, original price, and %ge change - which lets you make each column wide enough to see the full content without truncation. I'm not sure what the blue colour indicates, but rows are tinted red if they've fallen in price and green if they've gone up in price (typically when an OO goes to FP).
  4. Hi, that's the behaviour you should get (with PB, which includes ESPC/GSPC support). Unfortunately there's a bug in the GSPC code that means that site only shows the history in a saved search or when looking at a specific property's details. ESPC should behave as per RightMove/etc - any listings or property detail pages will show the history (if you find a case where it doesn't, let me know).
  5. You don't seem to have PMs enabled - can you turn them on, or request an upgrade so I can send you the link?
  6. Hi, a beta of PropertyBee is now available that supports the ESPC/GSPC sites. If you would be willing to give this a quick test before BeerHunter releases it officially, please send me a PM and I'll send you the link.
  7. OK, my PM mailbox should be set up now - so let me kow if you're interested in testing PB on the ESPC/GSPC.
  8. Thanks - the problem seems to be that I'm still in the New Members group, so can't use the PM/email system. I've submitted a request to be upgraded, but in the mean time I've sent you a mail to your hotmail account.
  9. In theory they should be (can't see any options I've missed in my profile), but I've emailed the admins in case there's something else that has to be turned on.
  10. If you would like to beta test a version of PB that supports GSPC/ESPC, please send me a private message with your email. I'm not the author of PB, but have added support for these two sites and would like to get some wider testing before they're added to the official version.
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