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  1. 88Crash, all the best with the new life in SA. Personally I love the place, had a house in Hermanus for years but have now moved up north to Nelspruit - to get away from the wind Yes crime is an issue in SA but I think you stand a greater chance being killed on the roads. In my view SA comes a very close second to India for bad driving.
  2. IR35 does not apply. When I moved my staff over they were advised to setup limited companies and contract full time. Its a win win, I save on PAYE contributions and they get several additional tax breaks for being a limited company.
  3. Also don't use the banks to make the currency exchange, the rates are crap. I recently moved £300k into Euro and Natwest quoted €1.11 when the current exchange rate was €1.1354. Best quote I got was from worldfirst.com the trade only cost me a couple of pips and the service was excellent. They also have a good daily video blog and they seem to be spot on with there predictions. That said I have only been following the blog for a month or so.
  4. I will correct you. This island has a low tax regime because it has no debt. Therefore it is a haven for those who don't want to work half the year to pay the taxes. The Island has no armed forces and is currently reliant on the UK for defense. But the Island pays the UK for the service. "You have 72 hours to issue a full and complete surrender or we level the island." Why? The UK fights wars or oil or political favor with the USA.
  5. They are looking at a new development called "The Wave" at the end of Douglas promenade near Onchan. New cinema, fancy shops and a new casino. Should be good if it ever comes to pass.
  6. Peter Hun, As it appears I am wrong I apologize. But with regard to your statement "You may as well invest in some God-forsaken island in the Pacific, but IoM should not be able to claim that they are British in any shape or form when it comes to banking." Is that NOT the ignorance of foreign investors that is to blame. After the collapse of KSF I helped out expats who were left high and dry because of the problems. They all felt the UK should have bailed them out and did not realize the IoM is independent. Another case of not knowing the risks of off-shore banking and assuming the IoM was
  7. I walked down Strand Street today and the only shop I saw that was up to let was Woolworths.... God Bless the UK Companies.....
  8. Thankyou Good Sir. I have only lived on the Island for six months but I cannot see myself moving back to the "Other Island"... ever...
  9. The IoM pays the UK government for defense and diplomatic representation. If we stopped paying for defense who would let us be invaded? UK, Ireland or the EU? One of the local arguments is why pay for defense when if the island was attacked we would be defended by on of our neighbors because of our strategic possession. The UK would not let an Island a few miles off the coast be invaded, with or without the IoM paying for the privilege.
  10. There isn't a specific number as far as I am aware. Personally I came over with two million in cash and a business that makes around 750K a year. We were paid to move here, the government grants are fantastic.
  11. The savers on the Isle of Man are being compensated. The money in the icelandic bank was stollen from the IoM by Gordon Brown and his Anti Terror laws. From what I understand on the day the UK government seized the KSF assets there was over 20 billion pounds taken from the Island of Man branch which was on deposit in the UK branch. The IoM has come to a settlement with depositors and thankfully has not had to borrow or print money to do so. The treasury here is by statute obliged to balance a budget surplus. "By statute our Finance Minister is obliged to balance for a budget surplus – thi
  12. The Island is currently invitation only........ It's very difficult to get a work permit unless you are of high net worth and/or have a sustainable profitable business to move to the island. God knows why they let me in.....
  13. 17th August 2009 Dear Lord Wallace It was with considerable dismay that I read your recently reported comments calling for the constitutional relationship of the Isle of Man, and other Crown Dependencies, with the United Kingdom to be “reviewedâ€. You claim that our autonomy “is no longer appropriateâ€, and that “in terms of the contribution the Crown dependencies make to the UK, I think we definitely have to look at that again†Your hostility to the idea that the Isle of Man should be selfâ€governing, or be competent to exist as a separate jurisdiction, has often
  14. Another 1200 people buying houses. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8222387.stm
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