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  1. JD came across as a ranting, unreasonable lunatic. Unable to argue convincingly - just shouting like an evangelical religious type. Shame that he is the only person who is able to representing the counter argument. Unimpressed.
  2. I think you've all been photo-shopping out the windows!
  3. No - it's a genuine reduction and the original asking price was supportable by the stupid levels achieved in '07 - incredible though this is.
  4. Appreciate this not "the market" (high end stuff in Devon) but for those looking for evidence of price reductions - this was on at £1.5m only last September. Yes it was ridiculously over-priced but still there is a last some signs of acceptance/realism starting to be applied. Its worth about £750k incidentally. http://search.knightfrank.com/UKSearch/Pro...de-48496c4ac52e
  5. ING Direct (UK version) are not covered by the UK compensation scheme - you'd have to puruse any loss you incurred through the Dutch government - up to Euros 100k (so I was told by ING). Lloyds/HBOS - the government owns 43% so presumably they would nationalise them before letting them go bust otherwise they'd lose all the taxpayer bailout that they invested?
  6. "Housepricecrash has been outlawed!" "Yes,yes,yes!!!"
  7. Help me out here - why/what is the rationale behind interest rates rising so rapidly with the economy in recession for the next two years possibly?
  8. No one can advise - its a dilemma. My take on this (I sold to rent at the peak, July '07) is that renting works when you have interest from the STR fund to pay the rent. My STR fund now yields half what it did a year ago so renting is no longer paid for by interest. If it wasn't for that I'd rent indefinitely - it has huge benefits. Landlord may be a t%osser, I don't know or care as I've never seen him! The flexibility to move whenever, wherever is very satisfying. As to the market, now cannot be the right time to buy, not least because in Central London at least, my area, prices have barely shifted. I would feel very, very silly if I bought before the benefit of selling at the peak could be realised. My view is that we are only half way there. Intuitively it feels very wrong to buy now.....................
  9. Don't be silly - it s half a dog. As to the house - it'll probably fetch late three hundreds. It may be Brixton, but it's also Central London.
  10. link http://www.icicibank.co.uk/hisave_fixedrate.html
  11. I don't get this. Surely this is rubbish. Can someone who knows please clarify? Surely it is not the bust bank that has to meet a guarantee because, surprise surprise - they are BUST! It is the government. Or maybe what you mean grey shark, is that if Nationwide go bust there is no money anywhere. Well that's not the case is it?
  12. It looks like they have a special deal on whereby £49 buys you multiple auctions. What I don't understand is why a lending institution like say, any high street bank or BS, would care about individual lumps of cash as small as £30k. Don't these banks think in terms of millions and billions?
  13. Has anyone heard of Julian Hodge Bank? I'm looking to spread my STR fund around and am thinking of using their 3.77% bond. Any views welcome............... Link: http://www.julianhodgebank.com/personal/sa...d_shortterm.asp
  14. So surely to counter the negative factors, you and previous poster need to balance the effect of loosening credit restrictions, assuming that the current credit crisis will not continue in perpetuity. i.e. there are buyers out there who will return once they can get a loan...................?
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