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  1. Sorry CrashIsUnderWay. I am just an average bloke who is off the property ladder, pissed off with renting, trying to make sense of what EAs and others are saying and trying to get some advice etc. If I am a Troll because this is one of my first posts then I can't see how anyone can ever start posting here. I don’t think I will bother posting agin.
  2. How are people keeping their hopes alive? I am SRT - I sold because I hated living there. I am renting because I haven't got the energy to start looking and the few places I like are very overpriced but do seem to be coming down - slowly. I am not really waiting for a crash - I think I would buy now if I could see prices were not going to come down and wipe out my deposit. Even a 10% reduction (which I have already seen happen in some cases) would wipe out a big lump of my deposit and cover a couple of years rent. A friend of mine works for an estate agent in the London Docklands. She was s
  3. As for the Wicked Witch of the South selling mortgages – I’m in love.
  4. Well it convinced me. I’m off out to find a friend, add my parents income to the mortgage and buy somewhere off plans in Spain. I can’t lose.
  5. at todays prices and a quick sale she could still make £10k to £15k.
  6. What did she pay for the 2nd btl? How much did she spend doing it up? And how much do you think she would realistically get for it if she sold it now?
  7. I normally answer it with “the amount your house is depreciating is more than my rent.â€
  8. How do you hold your $ ? I have checked my bank and it seems a messy way of setting up an account. They also said they would not normally set up an account if someone was speculating on the market. What I want is something like an ING $ account.
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