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  1. Maybe it was all wishful thinking. I have a UK bond maturing in November but have now moved back to Spain. I'm not asking for much, just for the pound to stay above the 1.15 exchange rate so that I don't get a bit depressed when I convert my money into euros.
  2. So same story as last year but starting from even lower... I hope not. I didn't have much faith in the pound but after the last quarter of 2008 I thought 2009 was euro's turn to take a beating.
  3. From a different perspective, I moved to London from Spain when I was 22 and moved to Madrid eleven years later in March this year. In that period, I managed to buy a flat in early 2006 (ignoring the advice on this site) and sold it in summer 2008 (following the advice on this site), at a profit! Very happy with my decision, although I still like London and think the UK has many positives. Not so keen on Crewe, where I spent two years. For me, part of coming back was being closer to family and friends, being able to use my native language in everyday life, going back to the culture where I come from. Property is still very overpriced and the job market is precarious compared to the UK, but there are opportunities for English-speaking foreigners even if you don't speak fluent Spanish, especially if you're qualified and have the right sort of experience. If you're lucky to be able to work from anywhere, owning a house and a plot of land for a sensible sum of money is still possible, rural Spain can be quite affordable. I'd recommend Madrid to anyone in their 20s or 30s who are fed up with the UK, at least for a few years. It's very hot at the moment but there's air conditioning and plenty of shade, and mountains just a short drive away, plus you can drive to the coast on a Friday evening and enjoy a weekend by the sea. Just avoid the obvious tourist spots. Friendly people, great nightlife, plenty of culture, amazing food. Life lived outside by just about everyone. Wages are not brilliant, I have a similar job and earn roughly half of what I did when I lived in London, but now I share a flat in a nice area in the centre and walk to work in ten minutes. This experience has put a few things in perspective. I miss London parks and sitting in a pub with a nice pint
  4. Scary figures. I'm moving back to Spain in a few weeks after eleven years in England. Con dos cojones.
  5. Thanks, that's pretty much how I feel. Worried and excited at the same time, but I feel good about breaking from what had become bad routines.
  6. So true. I've just transferred half of my euro savings back into sterling. I got almost exactly the same exchange rate I did when I converted into euros so no real gain or loss. If BXLONDONMAN is right and the pound sinks deeper against the euro I'll think about moving even more euros into pounds, as I agree with Realistbear's view that sterling is a safer bet medium to long term. Although I haven't got a clue, really. I'm going to put my pounds into a high interest (not too high these days!) bond for a year, forget about it and hope for the best. I'll need my savings in euros while I don't find a job or if I just decide to take time off, study, travel... I'm just glad that I sold my flat last year thanks to this site and am now free from that burden to take these decisions.
  7. Yes, I'm keeping my UK savings where they are, now all I'm thinking is whether I should bring some euros back into pounds while the exchange rate still works out for me. Really helpful comments, thanks.
  8. Almost 1.12 already... I can imagine near parity again if there's another week of catastrophic news in the UK but I find 1.25 hard to believe. If it happened I'd definitely move my euros back to sterling.
  9. Thanks for all the comments. I think keeping both currencies makes sense for now and I'll try not to get obsessed with the exchange rates. Current one would still work out for me if I wanted to move some euros into pounds so I might do that, just to balance them up a bit more. I can't get my head around gold so I won't even try, I'm sure it'd bring some excitement but maybe not the kind I need!
  10. I’ve quit my fairly secure job and am going back to Spain in a few weeks after eleven years in England. I’m not going to moan about the country, I still like it and think London is a great city, but I’ve had enough of my life here and want a break from it. I also want to be closer to my family and try life in Spain as a working adult. I don’t think finding a decent job is going to be easy. Spain is in for a tough time and the job market is a lot better in London than Madrid, so after a while I might decide to come back, unless I find that the quality of life compensates for any professional precariousness. I sold my flat last summer and since then have moved over two thirds of my cash into euros but I still have some savings in sterling. Not huge quantities but they’ll be my deposit if I ever want to buy property again. Considering that I might stay in Spain for good but also might come back to London in a year or so, has anyone got any advice about what to do currency wise? I think the pound might fluctuate around where it is now or perhaps go a bit lower in the near future but the euro still hasn’t suffered and it’s bound to, so I can see the pound doing well against the euro towards the end of this year.
  11. Me too. Thinking of moving back to Spain in the second half of 2009 after eleven years in England, although it will depend on a couple of things. Meant to transfer at least half of my savings to my Spanish bank account last week only to realize my passport was expired. By the time I get it renewed I will have 'lost' hundreds of euros.
  12. Yes, Richard Farleigh seemed a decent bloke and usually tried to give constructive criticism rather than come up with a bad pun or joke. Bannatyne looks like a tosser and if I hear Theo Paphitis go on about his children's inheritance once more I'll throw my slipper at the TV. But maybe I should just stop watching.
  13. I agree with the 140k figure by Dec 09 following the unscientific predictions I made when I decided to sell my flat in May 08. I sold in July-Sept for 170k thinking that in the case that I were still living in London by Dec 2010 and in the mood for buying, I could find a similar property for 130K then. I'm not saying Dec 2010 will be the absolute bottom but I thought the biggest drops would happen during the second half of 08 and throughout 09. My views are looking a bit bullish, though. 2009 might be worse than I thought.
  14. subebaja

    Buy To Sell

    Well done, many in your position would have despaired and done nothing, but you made it happen and can now enjoy the peace of mind it has brought you.
  15. Hopefully it means Fitzrovia won't be rebranded as NoHo.
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