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  1. well if u were implying greed then u wud be rude, but il assume your not... the lowest priced houses(in my area) that do not need modernisation are for sale at the value i said id sell at... thats me being realistic... thanks everyone for the advice,, mods can close the thread if you wish
  2. Hi MB1 good advice there (which isnt from the doom and gloom sell for pennance or ur screwed camp) my problem is, neither of us want to live in our respective houses anymore, so its either sell now and buy/rent or rent them and rent... but ur correct both of us cud meet the remaining mortgage payments if we rented the houses, prob with that wud be getting a mortgage to buy.. either way both of the houses will be going on the market shortly for around 10k more than we paid ...
  3. I cant see house prices dropping to wot they were in 2002... possibly mid 2005 at the very worse in my opinion still not sure wot to do, bordering on selling one and renting out the other , then renting ourselves
  4. Yea had thought of that makes sense... the concencious so far seems to be sell both if possible and maybe rent for a bit ?
  5. surely to sell i have to meet the 101 or 108 remaining on the mortgage or else its negative eq or do i owe the bank the remaining and continue to pay a mortgage of the diff... excuse my ignorance ...
  6. the rateable value on any property on propertynews even low prices ones are all at least 33% less or more than the asking price, but i take ur point
  7. propertynews and TDGTTS report mine at around 105-125 i recon and hers around 105-120 rateable on hers 78k rateable on mine 65k
  8. To sell for 120 would mean listing for 120 ? or mayb u mean list for 99 and hope for a bit more ? I still owe 101 on my mortgage and im sure she owes 108 on hers ...
  9. wat wud the relevance be, from wot i know the rateable value hasnt changed over the last couple of years.. or the offical value..
  10. Thanks for advice So you recon put both on and see what can be got for them ? Other input welcome
  11. Sounds like someone is greasing up their rubber fist
  12. Hi all, great to have a forum like this, hoping to get some subjective advice ! Date June 2008 My situation : I own/'live in' a house in south belfast (bt12) sale agreed in March 2006 for 104k - terraced 2 bed Gf owns/'lives in' a house in west belfast (bt12) sale agreed in April 2006 for 111k - terraced 2 bed Ideally we would like to move in together to a different 'nicer' house .... However with all the talk of house price crashes we are not sure wot to do or who to take advice from. Both houses were up to about 150k last summer, however both are down to around 110-120 now Obviously we are concerned that if they drop more we will be in negative eq, do we try and sell both now and rent. Do we try and sell both now and buy ? Do we sell one and rent the other and rent ourselves Do we sell one and live in the other ? Really dont know wot the solution is !! Ideally we wud be after a semi or detached 'in or around' belfast ! All thoughts appreciated and anyone else in the same situation !!! Ps to anonymous users, It only takes 1 min to register, I just did, so please register if u have a view Cheers C
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