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  1. Will Self wrote a story about an occupational therapist being given Parnate by a patient on the psychiatric ward they worked on which ultimately to led to change of role for the Parnate popper. Though I've been trained to know about MAOIs, in my 10 years in psychiatry I have only a vague memory of one patient taking an MAOI and have never heard about an actual adverse reaction to food. That doesn't mean they're not in use by people who go private of have been taking them for >20 years - just I've as much experience prescribing them as anyone else.
  2. Just returned from a family wedding last weekend, first time back in 5 years. Mood all changed, nearly all effected and everyone talking about it - many women are now main breadwinners, three day weeks, more job losses expected... Cars sold in Dublin down from 100,000 in 2000 to 20,000. At the wedding, the number of guests much reduced - only a mere 180 - than if it had been 12 months before due to cancellations as people couldn't afford to go, A government less popular than in UK - the Lisbon referendum next month looking very shaky.
  3. Hi there, Rare for me to ask advice but another year and I can't see myself buying (personal & current market reality), so am looking to seeing what else to do with some of my deposit currently in savings. Have arranged to meet with the Co-operative about their Sustainable Diversified Trust this week. Wondered if anyone had signed up already in the month since it launched or had any views? http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2009/jul/2...ts-co-operative The point made in the piece above about why dilute "investment in equities with other assets within the fund"? makes sense, though I can only manage to keep in mind a few things at once and the idea of having one fund is personally attractive. OK I know I'm naive to be thinking ethical but aside from that are they any things to be wary of with this fund? Cheers
  4. I used right move for rentals last summer and after losing a number of places that were snapped up, I got into a routine of seeing places as soon as they were posted. A number of these had been for sale and were now being rented. In the end I went with a place I found through gumtree - though beware the trolls who want your details before coming 'down from Liverpool' to show you their fabulous underpriced flat. My property bee has kept details of places I saw before that are now available again and generally there appears to have been a fall of prices from 750 to 700 / month for one bed flats and 900 to 800-850 for 2 beds. I don't know about how long they're available for but my sense is that the prices are lower and there may be more room for negotiation than before.
  5. Earlier this week I heard Robert Peston talking about Woolies in the past tense. Not quite. Here's some groups where you can follow the latest sad events on the high street http://www.flickr.com/groups/967528@N21/ http://www.flickr.com/groups/985580@N22/ http://www.flickr.com/groups/923098@N25/
  6. I've been reducing my egg holding for a while in favour for smile - more out of personal preference than concerns for safety. However, despite egg's earlier encouragement I've never done the egg safe as I didn't think it a good thing to be sharing my bank details and passwords with one bank. Does anyone else agree this sounds dubious? I'll be keeping my account going at a lower amount for now. Any further updates on egg appreciated.
  7. As described in the report though he has previous convictions and as crude a predictor it is of further crime, it is the most likely indicator of future crime. Not that I rule out the possibility for offenders to reform as they mature, with those convictions he wouldn't pass a criminal records bureau (CRB) check and would be ruled out of those professions above. Saying that it doesn't appear that his job was a factor in the crime and he appears to have rightly judged for his actions alone.
  8. London estate agency takes the charm offensive and open doors to journalist to reveal their humanity as they switch sides in search for business. "I know this sounds like I'm trying to find a silver lining on a pretty black cloud – this is our chance to shine. If you are going to survive as an estate agent right now, you have to be good." http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/ho...nts-945047.html So, it's not them - it's the greedy house seller's fault. Still 'giving it straight' could now be a useful marketing ploy for staying in business and might give the agency featured an edge. As for the journalist, I can vouch for Rhodri as a decent chap from having taken photos of him before the last crash in his radically unpopular bands. Some journalists are 'human' too!
  9. I was looking 3 months ago for a one bed flat and in the end went with someone I found on gumtree for a place I love and accepted the advertised price. At that time the estate agents I spoke with were saying there were no sales going on and a number of homes for sale were now being listed to rent. The spin was that as people weren't buying, there was an equivalent demand to rent. A number of places I saw went later the same day and there seemed little negotiation going on for good places that were around £750. The prices for two bed flats didn't seem much more starting at £900 for something halfway decent. I suspect there's more availability for 2 beds places. I still have property bee running on some rental prices and found this change today http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-129...1&tr_t=rent Out of your price range but from 600 per week to £1500 per month is a huge correction over 6 months in the landlord's mind set. If sellers are panicking, there may now be more room for negotiating then there was in the summer. Also Latest Homes is heavily emphasizing it's Latest Lettings side of things so maybe there is more supply now. If your girlfriend knows she'll be in town for a while then asking for an 12 month contract may not just be an negotiating incentive but also insurance against being turfed out / rent increases when the reality of the landlord's fixed term mortgage kicks in. All the places I looked at seemed to expect only a six month contract with one month notice. If in Brighton already, you probably know there's plenty of antiquated places without gas and single glazing. Parking is also an issue and getting a residential permit in the central zones are in heavy demand. good luck edit: speling
  10. Wouldn't worry about B/card - I've been with them over 10 years and progressed to a platinum card some years ago. However, even with that there's no real advanatage excpet the level of debt they'ld allow me to acquire. I don't compare APR's as I always pay off on time but last year realised I got tired of them getting a cut for something I'd be paying for anyway. I was also bored of Barclays so opened a smile account and got their credit card which at least pays 0.5% money back for what you use. If you're looking for a credit rating would suggest trying them. They also sometimes have a wine offer going for recommendations so let me know if you'd like details for that and I'll have a serach around.
  11. surely 12 month deals ... I opened a Lloyd account in March and they backdated the delay in transfer, which was slight compared to other reports posted here. Still anyone know any other downsides from this Natwest and why I shouldn't transfer my separate NS&I ISA currently paying 5.3%?
  12. DH = half way to DHSS Surely dh shouldn't need his missus pleading for advice on internet forms. Aren't they supposed to be financial experts? Otherwise what else is he good for or else it will soon be divorced husband.
  13. Black Monday. House prices falling. Men hugging in the street... in Brighton! whatever next?
  14. Investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers, recently appearing on CNBC Europe: "America is more communist than China is right now. I was thinking of that comparison earlier today when someone posted a link to this Help Dave! Dave Mahoney was cycling to the grocery store with his girlfriend in Minneapolis on September 4th 2008, when an un-marked van pulled up, and two men wearing FBI shirts inexplicably bundled him into the back, and drove off. Dave was part of the protesters assembled at the Republican National Convention in the City that week, and was there to peacefully remind America and the rest of the world of some of the atrocities, and in-justices millions of people endure everyday across the globe - many of which link directly to the actions & policy of the Republican party. Instead, Dave's become one of the victims... facing trumped up charges of Assault, and Conspiracy to Riot with a Furtherance of Terrorism; if convicted he could get up to 12 years in jail AND a $24,000 dollar fine... http:​/​/​helpd​avema​honey​.​ blogs​pot.​ com/ Don't have any corrobative info to verify the abduction details or Dave's action but very troubling the things being done to prevent terrorism. Generally I'm not much of a conspiracist but could keeping Americans in their homes be a means of defending the government against attacks from within?
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