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  1. Cornwall isn't "just another county". It's akin to Wales, or Scotland, or Ireland. That's why the cornish were recognised this year as a national minority in the EU. The cornish are a different race to the English, with historically their own language, flag and king. Absolutely fair enough it you don't like the Cornish - they are often suspicious and unwelcoming of outsiders. But get you facts right at least about what you're living in. It's not "just another county".
  2. Actually, my old plumber in London earned/earns around 100k and he was a CORGI qualified gas fitter / plumber. He drove a top of the range BMX 4x4 and changed it every year. I know this because we used him so much over the years, he became a personal friend and we ended up sharing these details. He even comes down to stay with us in the South West now. I used think we were probably paying for his BMW's he charged so much blooming money. But then, what price a plumber in London who will come as soon as, and whenever, you call him and do anything you want him to do .....
  3. 39. Until mid 2008, when we were in London, combined household income was around £200k plus bonuses. Had to take a hit for the move down to South West though, so now down to £120k combined. Bonuses don't happen any more. Life is not any cheaper in the South West than it was in London. I am professional. Other half is Blue Light Emergency Services. £700k in savings/STR, roughly, but just about to jump back into the housing market and buying a house pre Xmas. Bought 1996 for 62k; sold 2000 for 137k; bought 2000 for 310k, sold 2003 for 510k; bought 2003 for 775k, sold 2008 for 1.35m; buyin
  4. Head over to east Devon and West Dorset. I am Cornish and proud it; but Cornwall is very poor and the poverty is visible in the houses and the people. Drive up the coast for 2 hours, and there is far more money around and everything is far better kept.
  5. You can fire them for gross imcompetence I think, and for getting a criminal record (including drink driving). You would have to change the law to allow them to be made redundant. If their employee rights are threatened in that way, then they would want the same right as any other group of workers - the right to go on strike. The quid pro quo for the police now is that they are not legally allowed to go on strike; in exchange for their protection from redundancy. Let them go out on strike, and the country falls apart in 2 years time when all the unions start demonstrating. You would have t
  6. Yes, we did go through with it. We have set up three savings accounts linked to the mortgage. You can operate them online so you don't have to go into a local branch. In fact, the savings accounts don't even have to be in your name - you could get dear old dad to link his savings account to your mortgage and, although he won't earn any interest on his savings, it will offset your mortgage so that you don't have to pay interest on the amount equivalent to his savings. Not sure about salary being paid in. Personally I would have my salary paid into my main current account and then sweep amounts
  7. speaking as a buyer who has just exchanged, our mortgage provider, Yorkshire BS was also inundated with work because of their rates. Although we live / are buying in the south west, they told me that they have so many mortgage applications churning through their system in the south of england, they had to refer me up to a mortgage adviser in Tenby (Yorkshire) to deal with my application. So that's who I've been dealing with over the last 6 weeks whilst getting the mortgage approved. The Tenby mortgage adviser told me that they are not busy in the North of England; its the South where they are
  8. Good luck. i get you. Oscar was a very grumpy but very loveable cat who died last year from awful cancer after 15 years together. Because we are renting, we couldn't even bury her near us. We've decided Sod It too, we just want a home. We exchanged contracts last week and we are completing on 15th Dec. Oscar will be dug up from her temporary home with the in-laws (buried specially prepared to be dug up again) and will be back with us in time for Xmas in a special spot in the new garden.
  9. Yes, and apparently L-C are direct mailshotting alot of people at present about Savills' claims that houses over a million in Cornwall are not shifting. They are sending out letters (including to father) saying that its rubbish and that they have completed on 12 house sales for over 1 million in the last month in Cornwall (I think its month; its definitely 12 over a 1 million, and I'm pretty sure its a month, or very near to that). PS - I dont have a vested interest in Cornwall. Just reporting what I'm picking up. We are possibly about to pull out of our own house purchase as our surveyor ha
  10. We are possibly in this situation right now. We agreed a price. We have a mortgage offer and a clear valuation (although the surveyor was an idiot). We sent in a second surveyor who is an expert in the local area to carry out the full building survey. And the main theme of the survey that we have received back from him is that we have agreed to pay way too much money for the houses, and it just isn't worth it. EA telling me that the mortgage co valuer has cleared it. I said well we are only taking out a 30% mortgage. he said, doesn't matter, the surveyor owes you a duty of care to give a reas
  11. So. Mortgage valuation was no problem. Valued at 900k. But had a second survey (simply because the mortgage company's surveyor was quoting too high a price for a proper survey, as opposed to a valuation), and the second surveyor gave a valuation as well as a survey. He SEEMS to be indicating that notwithstanding the 250k price drop from initial asking price, we are paying "at the top of the price range" for the property. So I take from that he means he thinks we're paying full whack. Need to call him now to work out what to do. Anyone know anything about "price ranges" - I've heard surveyors
  12. I think most of what you say is spot on. Except that people are still moving down there. And they're not public sector workers (at least not the ones I was talking about). The job I had waiting for me was in Truro. There's alot of professional activity in that area at present. And of course the "4-5 hours from family and friends" bit doesn't apply if you're actually going home. Most of my contemporaries at school left Cornwall for their careers up the country, and gradually over the years have gone home - 40 always seems to be a good turning point. ALL my family are in Cornwall. And my father
  13. thanks all. Got more than a 70% deposit. And really not interested in trackers. 5 yr fix minimum for us. I was even toying with Yorkshire's 10 yr fix of 4.99%, on basis that we can repay most of the debt by then ..... I don't much like the smell of the future landscape. Voice of R - yes, they'll let me take the mortgage and put it in the savings account (or, in opposite, using less of our equity for the house and taking more debt) - I think we may take a punt an do that, and save like mad afterwards .....
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