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    Thanks for that, I will keep him in mind (although I hope I don't need him, IYSWIM lol)
  2. Lally


    Thanks Jardinec. I am now shiitting myself about the mortgage. We saw the IFA months ago and he said we would have no problem getting one (decent income and savings, no debts, low LTV) However, I changed to a different guy today after talking to someone about that IFA and my doubts about him over the last week. I know he is busy and I know we are not his only client but he has not done a lot and now only 4 weeks are left. It was a gut feeling but I switched to another company, recommended to me by a good friend. And this company are open 7 days so hopefully things will move along more quickly. I just need to tell the 'old' one tomorrow!
  3. I am in the West End and took quite a bit under the valuation. I wanted to move and I was scared that this may be our only offer. I got the price down at the other end so didn't get out of pocket. My EA said she was pleased for us and that we were very realistic. Our friend has had his place oin the market for over 6 months and has not dropped his asking price or his expectation....
  4. Lally


    We had our flat valued in January and in July it was valued at about 10% less. We accepted an offer today of 10% less than July's value. We want to move, and they are living with parents and can move quickly. We only had 2 viewers in a month and this couple were the only ones who offered. We said we could only afford to take it if we went for either a cheaper house or if the owners of the house we like reduced by a similar amount. We viewed smaller/cheaper ones and it was just depressing, so we explained our position and the owners of the house we have been after agreed to a reduced offer. Surveys getting done tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  5. I still can't get any history from the Rightmove site. Could someone please look this one up and tell me when it was first listed and if there are any changes? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-211...=6&tr_t=buy Many thanks Lally
  6. I have installed it but for every single property I see, it says "History, 18th June 2008, Initial entry found" I will register on the PB forum and post this as soon as I can.
  7. Lally


    Also, my parents are looking for a new house and I enquired about a Barratt property on their behalf. One house style was advertised in the Sunday paper as being substantailly reduced, but it was too small for them. So I called and asked about the 4 bed. She said it was £250k. I asked if there was any price reduction on that, she said it WAS reduced already from £275k. This is in Linwood. I am certain they will need to reduce it way below £200k to get rid.
  8. I keep seeing different figures quoted on here. I am trying to figure out how much of a drop is predicted and how long this will take. Is it going to be a slow / gradual decline over say 10 years? Or is it happening quickly? I have had our place revalued and the agents say 10% down since January but I am in the worst hit type of property, a FTB type flat. House prices in my area seems to be sticking in price. Short of it is we have a 10 month old, we live in a top floor flat, we are desperate to move to a house as we need the space and we want a garden and our own driveway. Husband wants to sell now but I am more cautious and even though we need to move, I would rather stay put for another year or two (but that would be about it) to see what happens. We could get more for our money.
  9. Lally


    I have a flat in the West of Glasgow and have been looking for a house in the East Dunbartonshire area for around 6 months. So, Bearsden/Milngavie/Bishopbriggs areas. My flat has fallen in value, we had it valued in January and got it revalued by 2 of the 3 agents today. About 10% down already. From what I can see though, the prices of houses in those areas are as high as ever. The agents today said they will be the same O/O price but the expectation will be lower so they won't be wanting as much as 30-40% like they did before. However, I made an enquiry last week about a house I liked the look of and the agent said the starting price was lower but they still wanted roughly the same % on top of that.
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