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  1. Fru-gal. It's an easy question to answer. Tory manifesto was to increase home ownership. Obviously there is some reluctance because of sky high prices. Carrot and stick: Carrot being HtB and RtB. Stick being carry on renting and suffer!
  2. IDS to send advisers to food banks. Anyone caught in a Foodbanks queue will be deemed as 'not actively looking for work' and sanctioned accordingly.
  3. I am sure that many tenants were astounded that landlords were able to claim 10% on 'wear and tear' with no proof of expenditure. £18,000 a year for three years and certainly no sign of £5,400 spent on anything.
  4. Yep. Buy a house at hugely inflated prices or face a lifetime of high rents and insecurity of tenure.
  5. Lol. I've had a couple of public sector contracts. The exodus begins from 2pm on a Friday and still being there at 4.15 constitutes 'working late'. Not to mention the working from home days when all that's required is replying to emails sent during office hours from the iPhone/iPad. There's still a few private sector jobs like this but they're very thin on the ground now.
  6. I say positive when anyone can sing 'Don't believe me just watch' in a higher note than Bruno Mars. Then again I was always more Eeyore than Tigger.
  7. Council housing would kill the rentiers. Best pay billions to those who can't afford the 'market rent' which discombobulates with what people actually earn and can afford without government hand-outs.
  8. Extended to private renters in the name of fairness? Ah. Thought not. Just another election gimmick.
  9. A dresser fell on top of me a couple of weeks ago... A fat person saved me. Only bruised rather than broken legs ?
  10. A mere 19 people living in a 2 bed flat in Kilburn a couple of months ago. A BBC programme highlighting that the LA had handed over £800k unwittingly to a 'beds in sheds' landlord. People are desperate for an affordable roof over their heads... Where I live I count 19 cranes... All building luxury flats that are bought by foreign investors.
  11. Thank God for my Alpaca wool blanket and thermal pjamas then!
  12. Is anyone surprised when the First Time Buyer's Summit (thanks Grant Shapps/Michael Green) consisted of builders, developers, estate agents, financiers and not a single first-time buyer? It was obvious which way it was going to go.
  13. Earning 50k and totally out priced. My rent is only £350 a month though.
  14. Unfortunately not. I walked past a half-built block of flats in Stratford with a friend last week. It's increasing by a storey a week and sold out... to Chinese investors.
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