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  1. depends on what you mean by left-wing . are you saying GW Bush is left-wing cos thats what his govt have done and then some more. i would say Chavez is left-wing but he is redistributing land to the poor so that prices will fall not rise . that would be my definition of left-wing and labour dont fit that bill either.
  2. LOL . the stupid morons are leaving because of the cost of living and still expect a 100% markup on what they paid for their property because they DESERVE IT.
  3. i did sign up but your membership has to be approved !
  4. sorry about my rant last night but these were the people i was referring to. and these are the majority of professional, city folk with good jobs. i know because i worked beside them. chavs in suits. utter utter **** actually. it is them i want so suffer,.
  5. anyone who thinks someone can go to prison for WISHING destruction on a country so corrupt as Britain must either be indulging in wishful thinking or is so terrified by new Labours puppet shows on terror that it makes no difference. either way they have had you . hook line and sinker and you all fell for it. how many bombs in London ? 0 , nil , niente , zip, nada, not a wan , zilch . how many did we drop in Iraq ? 100,000 tons . over 1 million separate peices of armament. you do the maths descartes.
  6. hark at the wannabe fascist. would that be a thought crime then ? gonna report me to the MI or the SB ?
  7. was only ever there the once . at midsummer. it was braw man, walking back from the pub at 1 in the morning and it still daylight, but not much to do unless youre into farming
  8. take notice when your poxy economy is in ruins you greedy , aggressive , selfish bastards.
  9. its hard to express the anger i feel at the way you cherish your own property in the UK and destroy it so blithely elsewhere in the world. i love construction , i love building things, i love making things and i hate seeing things being destroyed whcih is why the bombing of Iraq was so detestable. and of course the human life. if one poxy 1000 bomb is detonated in London you act as if it was an atomic bomb and yabber for weeks about the damage to property - mainly. i would prefer if some natural disaster struck london like an earthquake and turned much of it to rubble. although this is d
  10. hardly surprising. have you ever been to the Orkneys ?
  11. and being a pair of smug bastards as well no doubt who thought they were going to make a killing just like their beloved Tony, screw them and the little scrounger . im loving every minute of this pain as Britain so richly deserves it and MUCH MUCH more for what it has done to Iraq and others. perfidious Britain your tea is fu.cking oot ! what i really want to see is real estate flattened a la Baghdad and Basra, no people killed leave that for the British and American monsters to do that., but acre upon acre of prime London real estate truned to rubble like Kabul would cheer me up no end
  12. more likely they will rent it out to a mug like me and buy somewhere else cheaper (or even rent somewhere cheaper the cheeky sods) . then after ten years theyll sell it and make a very nice bit of profit considering they didnt have to pay the mortgage in the first place, they deserve everything they get. ive always rented through no choice of my own - never been able to get a mortgage. . so all HOs , BTLS and LLs can get it right up them. im loving it.
  13. who knows and who remembers ? recall all the corporate accounting scandals in 2002 ? enron , bernie ebbers, martha stewart and there were dozens of others, the DJIA and FTSE both tanked and people were talkning seriously about a crisis in Capitalism,. and so there was, so what happened ? Iraq was attacked and everything turned out fine ................... .................... for a while.
  14. so they might make 5 BILLION ( 5,000,000,000 ) DOLLARS profit instead . that is 9500 dollars profit every minute of every day. they are hardly struggling are they ? its a sign of our times. back in the 70s and early 80s im sure people would have said greedy bastards. now if Ford announce 5 billion dollar profits we brainwashedly say "I see Ford have issued a profit warning and they wont meet their expected targets resulting in their bond status being downgraded" PISH i tell you PISH.
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