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  1. Well I hope the Ukraine is OK as I know a lot of good people out there. The Ukraine has been through some really bad times in the recent past and this is the last thing they need.
  2. Well done Eric yet again you have hit the nail on the head over Liar Loans
  3. I meant to add this link on rhee house and a cool bunker in there back garden. http://www.rocremembered.com/rhee-house-as...allout-shelter/
  4. Hey fellow tinfoil hatters. take a look at 28dayslater.co.uk. look at underground som great nuclear bunkers and old mines for us to hidour tins of beans in.
  5. 0% for over 15 months I work for a major multinational as a packaging technologist and production line engineer in R&D. I was promoted been promoted to a manager in november and my last pay rise was over 15 months ago. very pissed off as I now have more work and stress and am spending over 1/3 of the year otu the countery on business. :angry:
  6. kennichi that Omega Idear is pure evil. I love it
  7. I live near coulsdon in surrey and one of the estate agent has just got rid of 6 of the 8 staff who were working in it. SO looks like the property crash is starting to bite in this area. The lesson for them is maybe if they had reduced prices they may have sold more property and now not find themselves on the dole now.
  8. Maybe the muppett should get krusty "Its different this time" Allslop to ramp it to a fireman
  9. Krusty "its different this time" Allslop is the strappon of property porn TV "ramping it" tonight right up the poor firemans chuff.
  10. Been a lurker here since that krusty Allslop of location location location threw a wobbly over this site. only started posting in the last few weeks
  11. I have worked for a multi national for the last 14 years and in that time I have lived and worked all over the world out sourcing our factories and production from the UK and Western Europe to Russia, China and eastern europe. The costs of Oil will have an effect on on globalisation however once you factor in all the local tax breakes low wages and low land prices to build the factories on the UK will not get this work of manufacturing back any time soon. I now spend over 1/3 of the year in Russia and I can tell you they are not just after our manufacturing work but also all our R&D, design and banking business as well. I find the work ethics and education of people in Eastern Europe and Russia a lot higher than in the UK and yes I am quite proud of all the work I have done to transfer business to these places and feel really proud when I see new members of staff I have hired in Russia getting on and raising there living standards. In these countried you are rewarded for hard work, in the Uk you are not your just rewarded for sitting on your back side. I actually plan on bailing out of the UK in the next few years as we have now more or less moved all our manufacturing over seas and i will have a higher standard of living and much better work life balance than you get in the UK now.
  12. great news if true about the foxtons branch. this has made my weekend.
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