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  1. Don`t get it could you please post in simple English so the Comprehension is much clearer.
  2. You`re a right little europhile aren`t you, I presume your ID being non frog you must be an ex pat from the UK. Do you work for the Federal Socialist State? Well, I like millions of others believe in true democracy, not the type controlled by unelected Commissioners practically appointed among themselves. The EU Parliament`s opposition consists of 33 MEPs who opposed the Lisbon Treaty, Martin Shultz said those who opposed the Treaty were fascists. Borroso (spelling ) once led the Portuguese Maoist Party, by golly look where he is today.
  3. Charging 3.5% for mortgages and 9% for personal loans, paying 0.010% gross to savers. Tie your money up for 12 months they told me and you will receive a great return of 1.75% gross, withdraw one penny in that 12 months and a £100 penalty will be charged. Stick it up your a**e said I as p**s taking is now the general rule of you parasites. Brown will suffer dearly for his heinous crime against the responsible.
  4. A legend sadly missed but having a whale of a time in his new found retirement.
  5. Jonathan Davis has received his Economic Education from the old and past posters of this Forum, prior to that he did not have a F clue, so please don`t present him as the Economic Messiah. JD is looking after his own FIs, receiving fees from all the Media who call upon him to give his so called expertise. Just like another objectionable member who is so bent the world would not know. I wonder if JD has had the ring fitted yet. Long live the true and sadly missed Messiahs ( Cgnao excluded )
  6. The time you have been a Member of this Forum, if you don`t know now, you never will. Can`t wait for English Independence.
  7. The Gentleman of the Road is greatly impressed, 20k views and many replies, his most successful thread after 6 years as a member of this Forum, and to boot in the naughty boys corner. ( Girls are never naughty ) I had another meet with him 2 weeks ago with my Father, my Dad and he got on like a house on fire, he will be spending some time with him on a boating trip in July. Sady I can`t join them, back in the States as a very small dot sorting out this Global Economic mess. Obama doesn`t have a clue, Hatchet Man is right, just another JC. What an education I am receiving, my Boss said Bertie where do you get this info?
  8. Daily Express I love the way the Great Guru JD disagrees with the Chief Economist of the MPC. Personally I would not trust the Great Guru JD with the contents of my lad`s piggy bank. INTEREST rates will rocket as the Bank of England battles to keep inflation under control, its chief economist warned yesterday. And here comes the Great Guru JD Well, well JD 2020 eh? what planet do you live on, please, please, where is CTT.
  9. EA selling a repo on behalf of a Lender for £175k in a popular area, interested party wants to withdraw cash earning next to zero. They hum and ha with the EA, but then a surprise comes from the EA, you have cash? make us an offer to pass on to the Lender. OK, my offer is £125k, the Lender agrees, the property is rented out at £700 per calendar month to an employee of a Company on a contract for 3 years guaranteed. Play the game wisely and many with cash earning SFA can be winners.
  10. Who was the poster who posted around 2 to 3 years ago that the Red Lights were flashing in the former Soviet Controlled Eastern European Countries? The whole lot of them are in serious trouble now and Brown will make a contribution on your behalf to bail them out. The European Monster will eventually bite the dust and protectionism will once again be the order of the day. If the EU had their way 90% of countries in the World would become Members, excluding the USA. The highest paid job in the World would be that of an EU Commissioner. This would lead to a future Headline " Mandelson Sacked By Brown, becomes a EU Commissioner. Oh what surprises the future holds.
  11. I am still hoping to have a meet with the Gentleman Of The Road but this Global Financial Crisis is keeping me busy. Speaking to my Dad today he told me that over the years he has cut and pasted many of his posts. He looks at them today and finds some very interesting posts by him that indeed have proved to be very accurate. BTW his old 18 year old Volvo has finally given up and he now has a bargain new motor, not a Volvo says he as the Road Tax on them is now a joke. Spending many days this year on his boat installing equipment which will make his 42ft cruiser more like a holiday home. Cash is flowing in for him like a Jackpot on a Fruit Machine, comes in faster than he can spend it.
  12. I received communication today from the genuine respected ex member, it appears this new Resurrection is indeed an imposter but the ex member is quite honoured that someone wants to imitate him. Hopefully I will be having a meet with the ex member late March if I am able to return to the UK.
  13. Bump Can`t we have a Troll`s sub sub forum to put Sibley in?
  14. I have been away for a while; this Global Financial Crisis has meant a very heavy work load. There appears to be an imitator on this thread of a very respected ex member, I`m surprised he/she has not been shown the door. BB your signature goes with my sentiments. My Dad says many in Government and the Banking Industry should be sent to the Tower and incarcerated for life, he`s such a lovable character is my Dad. Over 17k views now the originator must be very surprised.
  15. Been away for many weeks due to my employment, return and learn that the dissenters have rejoined the club, he who protests in disgust sells his principles for a position of power, only one left who holds his principles dear, you old chap are of the old school, life will soon reward you, now this reply is the most cryptic of all on this thread.
  16. My Dad is interested in the details as he has just received a very nice Financial surprise.
  17. Agreed Errol old mate, when you have no life you have to focus on something.
  18. Agreed, sell every thing you own and convert the proceeds to GOLD, and if the Wife fetches a good price convert her as well. There has always brought out a sickness where Gold`s concerned, in Films, on TV, and this Forum. The Gold Bugs get out their very small holdings, polish it, kiss it, and say whose Daddies pretty boy.
  19. Well FP I must have got your hackles up, you were so quick to get your reply off you could not be bovered to check your spelling. I love this 14 year old schoolboy expression, not very mature are you? Now the important part, you have not a clue who I am, but I know more about you than you would ever know. Me a sore loser you don`t have a f*****g clue. Your Media Stardom has gone to your head, the next Jonathon Ross methinks. Now I suggest you go crying to the Moderators to get me banned or this post deleted.
  20. With the present Global Financial Crisis Gold should be around $2k an ounce, it is not, it has actually fallen from its peak in March, up a bit, then back down a bit, and so on, and so on. Maybe he listened to all you first class plonkers who kept banging the drum about going to the Moon with those silly rockets and cries of Wheeeee. Regretfully my mouth is not as big or foul as yours.
  21. Maybe he has moved up in the World and finds this site is now below his intelligence moving on to greener pastures. I will make a prediction, after studying and analysing very closely, I predict this thread will hit 20k views before the end of January 2009.
  22. Never, never, never, his Media Stardom has gone to his head, his halo is riding high, as the Pope of the Financial Heaven has appointed him a Financial Messiah alongside the other Messiah. I have never all the time I have viewed this Forum seen any poster dig such a deep hole as one who must never be attacked. From another thread by eric. Sorry eric the lads who run the site have put away their Roller Blades been tucked up in bed by their Mums, and will be back tomorrow after their healthy breakfast. Must say Goodnight now as posting here is so slow and therefore exausting.
  23. My Mentor advised me that I should follow your posts closely to learn, gain experience from one who has been there, learn`t the hard way, and will eventually win through. If he ever became PM I would guarantee you would be moved into No 11. BTW I`m sure if he was around he would send his very best wishes to you and your future success.
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