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  1. QUOTE (Happy Teaboy @ Sep 6 2008, 04:00 PM) Your a disgrace to your age group. Go get yourself laid. And thankyou Teaboy! Yes I will do just that!
  2. Thankyou for all of the kind replies, I am certainly not going to be a property developer! Sometimes writing things down helps, especially when people can and will take the time to reply, so I thankyou all Being scared of making a wrong decision as opposed to making no decision is pretty much spot on as is thinking like a 50 year l'd when in fact I'm still quite young. It places all in perspective really. I will certainly endevour to improve my English as suggested! I hope the message I posted didn't come accross as a 'poor me' tail, or 'boo hoo' as someone suggested. Far from it, in fact that was the point of my post, to expose this 'boo hoo' and 'envy' syndrome and how shallow it is. I partically like the post that said a fXckwit who buys a Jaguar is still a fXXkwit but now with a Jag. Anyway I will continue to save the pennies, will be on a plane on the 17th and won't look back, but I'll still be on HPC because I enjoy it so much! Roll on HPC and and may it deliver a better UK society.
  3. I am a respectable 25 year old with a good job and 'going places'. My grandmother even says "I always knew that one day you would be a tycoon".....hehe But the grip of being British, leads me to one conundrum. Property. Buying a house. I left University in 2003, probably the worst possible time due to HPI, and as a result the last three years have been defined by HPI and where to live. Because of Gordons HPI boom I spent at least two years of the last 4 in genuine fear of never owning my own property, prices only ever go up...when would this asset bubble pop? At times it seemed as though never. As a result I moved back home and have spent the last two years of weekends with the parents. I am however extremely lucky to have a job that pays for my accomodation during the week wherever I may be in the UK. Over the last two years my relationship, my social life and outlook have all taken damage because of the desire to buy a house, hence the need to save for a deposit, hence the need to not spend. I have over the last two years and a bit managed to save around £60,000, a vast sum of money but yet I feel empty, as if this is still but a drop in the ocean. I see houses for £500,000, gready couples who will accep nothing less and on and on. I have the oppourtunity of a scorlarship to study a years Mandarin in China in three weeks time, yet I am dithering because a year out now could 'affect my whole life'. I wouldn't go crazy abroad, and I would retain most of my money, yet I am brainwashed to such an extent that I am risk adverse to a move away from the norm. "You can't leave your job"....."What about Job Security" both important bt irrelavant when the real question is "when can I afford a property". I have followed this HPC intently, the most hilarious of contradictions is that I don't even want to live in the UK, yet I am still drawn to the fact that owning property in the UK is a definer of manhood, that I have acheived in life! My point is of the societal culture in the UK regarding property and possesions. I have scared myself because of asking the question of how far this goes - how far into the British soul. Property and mortgages in the UK have reached a ridiculous situation. For the majority they are now nothing more than an investment. For those that say they are for living, well they are either already extremely wealthy and have that luxury, or simply are ignorant of their situation (no offence but I stick by my point). British society is now fragmenting (some would argue already fragmented beyond repair) and a new generation of 20-25 YO's (a generation brqcket that will expand) who now view property in the UK as the glorified financial market is it - that by which one can make vasts ammount of money. As a 22 YO I looked on in awe as HPI raced away, at 23 YO the depression and realisation of never owning a home, at 24 YO I knuckled down and saved every penny I could and now at 25 YO I find myself positioning my finances to make money from UK HPI myself - not one house this time but in two or three years maybe 2 or 3. I always knew money would change me, but it is the penchant for selff-gratification and greed that we all posses that has truely shocked me. So "should I stay, or should I go"? Stu
  4. A poster made this comment about current UK Mortgage availability - 'Soon the funding ends from the BoE/ ECB, then mortgages will be non-existant. There won't be any upturn in house prices for many years. This time it is very different' Mortgage approvals are already at historic lows, if the whole system squeezes completely then surely anyone that took out any mortgage over the last years with 85% LTV and less will be severly burnt as they will be simply unable to re-mortgage. In the case to BTL'ers what seeping situation would cause widespread defaults? With a million BTL Mortgages surely this all dumped on the market would collapse the UK House Market, and furthermore our economy. We are built on working hard and paying a mortgage.......unthinkable!
  5. Sky News - Halifax say house prices have fallen by 12.7% up to the end of August, their biggest fall since records began in 1983. UK house prices double-digit fall The Halifax is one of the biggest lenders in the UK UK house prices in August were 10.9% lower than the same month a year ago, according to the Halifax. The lender said that property prices dropped 1.8% in August compared with July, leaving the cost of an average home in the UK at £174,178. It said market conditions would remain "challenging" in the months ahead, despite government help for buyers. House prices dropped across the UK, but some surveys have shown the Scottish market to be the most resilient.
  6. VendantaTrader, I have read your previous posts regarding Trading and have already learnt lots from you, hence this actual question...you have said before one must research and learn from the fields best traders. Also pick a niche and focus on it...... My email is [email protected] and would be interested in chatting with you more! Cheers!
  7. Further to my other question, could people recommend major FX traders for me to research and learn about?! Many thanks, I have so far just one outside of Soros; John Taylor - FX Concepts Inc. Cheers!
  8. I want to get started in the FOREX markets but want to know what Software and websites any FOREX traders use. Bar me getting a job in an Investment Bank I’m out on my own. Can anyone recommend what is the best Software to use, not only for Charting but also actual trading? Obviously FOREX.COM but also a list of sites to steer clear of would also be of help! Many thanks!
  9. My friend - do you have MSN Messenger? You seem quite knowledgable about stocks....! Stuart

    I'm [email protected]

  10. HALIFAX DATA? - Where is it? When is it released?
  11. Skillfully answering my own question; is it because you can defer the interest (but still receive it) so it is untaxable as in in a sense it is silent? Payment of deferred interest - US dollar account How does it work? Instead of having your interest paid on 31 March, payment of your interest will be deferred until a date that suits you. You do not have to let us know in advance the date you want the interest to be paid. Will I lose out on interest compounded? No. We have made sure that your deferred interest will itself earn interest on the same basis as the capital in your account. We calculate this as if interest had been paid to you on 31 March. How could I benefit from deferred interest? Deferred interest is a tax planning tool. If your income varies from year to year, or you're looking to relocate to a different country, deferred interest gives you the flexibility of choosing how much interest you capitalise each financial year and exactly when this capitalisation takes place. You can leave your deferred interest for years at a time, or collect however much you want, when you want. Either way, you know that you'll still be paid a competitive rate of return. How do I set up the deferred interest option? All you have to do is tick the deferred interest box on the application form when opening your account. If you're an existing account holder and have Telebanking set up you can instruct us to change your interest options by telephone, fax, and when registered, by using our Internet Banking service. If you are not a registered Telebanking user, simply instruct us in writing. How do I request payment of my deferred interest? You can inform us once per financial year (1 April - 31 March) when and how much deferred interest you want capitalised. We'll ensure that this is completed on the day you specify - it's as simple as that.
  12. I have been told that I should lock some money away in an offshore account, say with Nationwide that pays Defferred Interest as it will build up my capital a lot quicker. Can someone please explain Defferred Interst and how this works? What is special about it compared to norminal interest? http://www.nationwideinternational.com/int...es/sterling.htm
  13. What is the definition of MEW?
  14. I actually meant Northwood, Prime London, London Prices as three seprerate topics not that Nothwood is in fact prime London. Excuse the mistake
  15. Guys am I doing well with the current layout here with my savings? Bank of Cyprus 6 Mth Bond - 7.05% (£17,000) Principality ISA - 6.25% (£6,633) Alliance & Leicester Premier Direct Saver - 8% (£2,400) Coventry Building Society Account 5.65% on all balances - (£15,000) Anything I should be thinking about? The master plan when I reach £100,000 is to start being more speculative and looking into ETF's, Stocks and maybe even my FTB Property!
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