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  1. What are the times and stages for the house selling process? I am currently selling my 2 bed detached house and wanted to know: 1. How long after sale is agreed it takes for solictors to communicate with each other. 2. When do I expect the survey is done? 3. when do I expect to complete? Have I missed anything else? not sure! Chain free both end and FTB. Thanks for your info
  2. ok. thanks for your advice. I know now how to proceed.
  3. why do I need to bother myself and lie. I do not lie anyway. Jeoulse..... LOOOOSEEEERRRR
  4. I had two offers put to me for my terresed house. One from an FTB and other from a BTL. The FTB offered 8K under asking price. The BTL offered 4,550 under asking price. Which one should I go for???? Bear in mind that I am starting not to trust FTB's as they are becoming unreliable in going through the buying. FTB stop buying your 35" tv. 7 layer hi fi system, BMW with alloy wheels, DVDs. CDs. Holidays. Cloths. Cinema. blockbuster. Ben and jerrys. on and on and on. AND only them we might thing reducing our asking prices further....SO behave...!!1
  5. LOL....These properties shown are not mine. Anyway Downham has come a long way more shops. More lesiure centers. Building huge swiming pools. Lots of eating out places. WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT.????? Just had a call from EA the BTL uped his offer to £156k. So desperate the BTL want to sign something like within 3 weeks. Have full access to house to do all the things doing. Then complete God's willing.
  6. It is a 2 bed house. Open plan living room, Open plan Kitchen. front back garden. Was for £160 got an offer of £152 allahmduallah (Thank God in arabic). Mind you needs alot of paint and decorationg done to it. New windows. and The place would look the business. It is in Downham between Bromley and Grove Park. I know how it feels with this country and prices and everything but I have no power to do anything to change things.
  7. This is just the start. you are looking for another year before real changes in prices and only GOD knows best. I would rather never sell to BTL and reduce my price by 10% to FTB. Now the problem is WHERE are the FTBs hiding. leting BTL take over the market and you have a monoploy of the housing market. As one analyest said that the housing markt geowhatever is changing. where only people who are older and with properties are playing the fields.
  8. Who said I accepted???!!! Offer only. I said yes to the buyer but the property will be on with another estate agent. Will just wait another 1 or 2 weeks more and God's willing will have a higher offer. Not taking my chances. Will have all buyers on my books and have them all do a " Race Contract". But I know how FTB's feel. I think all BTL buyers should face prison sentance of about 6 months or house arrest. My 2pence worth of comment is to advice you to beat the BTL first before they get the better of you.
  9. I am selling my 2 bed house mid-terrace house just started last week monday. I have had around 10 to 15 viewing so far and the majority of the viewiers where buy-to-rent investors. Offer thank to God is on the table just 8k less than asking price. House in SE. Guys these BTL people are out there to get you. Soon the propety maket will only be for those with properties and none for FTB's. FTB find your neast hill top and run to it before BTL get there before you. RUN Forest Runnnnnnnnnn.
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