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  1. I just wanted some general thoughts about having a completion date in late August when we are nominally due a swine flue epidemic. What happens if the removal people don't have enough people to move you on the day ?
  2. Well buyer number one who were cash buyers were not cash buyers at all ... (They had nothing they needed to sell however thats not quiet the same thing ) Buyers number two had their buyers pull out on them as well so we put it back on the market. Buyer number two still really wants to buy the house ( they need a stair lift to be installed and I chatted to them this morning when the stair lift company were in to say that a stair lift can be fitted), and they wanted to have a survey done before they had a buyer and I pointed out that they might want to wait until they have a firm offer on their house.... Since it went back on right move ( yesterday ) we have 6 viewings currently arranged up to Saturday and a couple have just popped round for a second viewing (the first was before we took it off the market, they don't need to sell) so we shall see. But no, its annoying when people back out after a price has been agreed.
  3. Well we agreed to buy and sell houses last Friday and both houses are no longer on right move.
  4. I think there were some recreational viewings but of the people I showed round I got the impression most of them actually wanted to move even if our house was not the one for them. A house is primarily a place to live. I don't actually care how much a house costs really, as long as it is affordable and I am comfortable and when I want to move I can swap it for another house elsewhere at around the same cost.
  5. After we got our first offer at 400, the agent/wife were convinced to put the price at 425 (last week) . My wife and I both work on the same site about 15 miles to the South so it makes sense to be nearer (and there is little in the city that we actually need ). Regarding Schools Morley has a good reputation yes, however we choose Queen Edith's which is also very near and I am very pleased with the way my children have been taught while they have been there, the attitude of the school is excellent and they have much better grounds and general space. Finding a school as good is tough. I would say we have probably had ( I really haven't been counting ) 30-50 viewings and two offers since the house went on the market. I think we had around 7 or 8 the first Saturday that it was on the market so lots of viewings in town and some offers. I feel the villages to the south are lagging ( but the vendors don't want to admit it )
  6. Well we have had two offers, one at 400 and one at 415. The 400 is nominally cash, the 415 is from a couple who are downsizing and have a cash buyer (they have been told). We are looking in the villages to the south. We have seen a property we are considering which is nominally on at 499 but I feel its only really worth right now a 30K differential as its a bungalow about the same size of rooms but much more land. If we extended it I could be happy. But chatting to the vendors makes me think that they will want north of 470. They say they have reduced it by 100 but the bee says its a reduction of 75. They have already agreed to buy a property off a friend of theirs and they have done a survey a while ago. Originally their property was on for 575 which was silly and they had an offer they refused at 425. Its going to be hard not to be pushed in to a large differential on that one. There is a really nice property elsewhere at 550 which I could be convinced to goto 499 on but yet again can the vendor be convinced to take the lower price ( in this case they are a builder and I think he wants to move onto his next job in his spare time ).
  7. It wasn't for sale last year as they have only just finished building, its at the end of the road that we are on. I asked my wife how much she thought it was worth and she guessed 600. It has no garden and most of it is underground....
  8. Ok, so we really don't have to move, we want to move..... I agree that prices will go down long term, however I will loose say 30-50% of the differential between the property I sell and the property I buy. I rang the Nationwide up yesterday and asked them to give me a mortgage in principle ( eg run the credit check etc ) and the offered me 4 times my salary. Taking no account of my wife who earns about the same amount as I do. Personally I want to borrow about 2.2 times my salary maxing out at 3 times ( which would make me grumpy ). Meanwhile I will have moved in to a home which I will enjoy and I really will not be worrying about its worth, although having a mortgage again will be annoying.
  9. That was me, the 100K price range was given to me 12 months ago, its back on the market now for 10% off the price a year ago. The issue I have with price of course is that no one else is really putting the prices down properly either. I would be perfectly happy to sell our house for 2.50 if i bought the next one for 3 pounds We have had about 12 viewings ( not including the couples who made a second visit ) in 7 days. We at least are getting more viewings than I remember 12 months ago. Although reducing price is the way to increase viewings so maybe thats all thats changed ?
  10. Yes we are interested, probably tidying the house up this weekend. I don't seem to be able to send you a message via the board. Try sending an email to 012235@gmail.com
  11. Well a quick summary: A reasonable 4 bed ( three doubles , one single , living room 24x14, study 14x14 ) detached on Glebe Road ( about 10-15 minutes to Addenbrooks ). Next door which is a three bed sold for 500 at peak. When we got valuations last (September ish) year they varied between 650 ( Ha ) and 420 which was quiet a large variation. The middle two valuations where 495 so we put it on at that ( thought it a little bit high myself but given what everyone else was looking for ... ) we had about 15 viewings over about 2-3 months in total but we couldn't see anything we wanted to buy ( and no one wanted to buy it at that price) so we took it off the market. So if we are going to move it will have to be soonish so I rang the same agent up and his comment was "we could put it on for 450 but if we put it on for 425 then there will be a lot more viewings and you will probably get a higher price in the long run". Its not yet back on the market so I can't post a right move link.
  12. Quick question about form Is it bad form to ask for the forums opinon about a house you are selling yourself ?
  13. Given that I did a degree in Computer Science followed by an MSc in it. I have to disagree about the quality of teaching in Universities ( At least 20 years ago anyway ). While Industry courses are more dense its not possible to run at that level of learning for 30 weeks of the year. My university courses are still relevant today and i have been using that knowledge for the last 20 years so overall I am very happy. I do agree that 50% of people going to university is silly, I suspect 10-20% sounds about right at a guess.
  14. It's the war we really can't afford this time....
  15. Its not 25 minutes in the rush hour, if you can do it in an hour I would be surprised ( I only ever seen the traffic when I am going the other way and it's stationary myself though so I could be wrong )
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