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  1. Hmm, Estate agents,in the last 6 months they drove me bonkers the slimy little toads. This is my personal view on the ones I have encountered: Patrick Williams - Avoid like the plague, the main person there that used to do a good job was Karen. She left at the beginning of the year to work for Richard McCarthy Properties (popular private rental landlord in Reading). Since she left, the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing. They overvalued our house and didn't market it at all and when they did the details were incorrect. We had no viewings in 12 weeks from them, apprently they were (and still are from what I hear) short staffed and didn't have the resources to make phone calls to potential buyers. The communication was absolutly non existant. In my view these were by far the worse. Prospects - Bunch of young Jack the Lads that will do anything to sign you up, our neighbour 2 doors down was on with them. They provide you with a HIPS pack but after 12 weeks hadn't even arranged to get this sorted with our neighbour, they went into panic because you can't have your house on the market without it. Everytime they queried it Prospects came back with a viewing... Strangly enough these viewings all got cancelled at the last minute, our neighbour called them bullsh1t viewings and I don't think she was wrong. Parkers - I found them unrealistic about what they could and could not do for us but they did get us viewings, although unfortunately some of these were for people looking for a 3 bed house and ours was a 2! There were a couple of good viewings and the communication was ok. However, my mother in law also had her property on with them and they provided 1 viewing in 12 weeks, the peope that viewed then put in an offer 25K below asking price, they accepted but then it fell through because Parkers hadn't credit checked the people properly, this caused some distress as you can imagine. Sansome & George - They were good, were honest about what price we should put the house on for so it would sell, the communication was also good and they were quick to update any changes. After every viewing I had a call to say what the initail feedback was from the viewer and again the next day to go over it in more detail. They also make sure the potential buyers have morgages in place before bringing them round. Carsons -These (along with Sansome & George) would be my choice of EA should I look to sell in the future. They gave me a realistic price to put the house on at and they also credit checked any viewers and made sure they had a mortgage in place before they came to view the house. They seem to be one of the few agents in Reading that are actually selling houses at the mo. We had more 'good quality' (by this I mean, the viewers wanted to buy and were interested in exactly our type of property) viewings in 3 weeks on with them than the entire rest of the 6 months we were on the market with all the other agents put together. Carsons also just kicked loads of properties that would not sell off their books so they could focus on the ones that would. WE were on with Patrick Williams sole agents for 4 months, Prospects not at all, then Parkers and Sansome & George as dual agents, then Sansome & George and Carsons as dual agents. IF... and I'm glad I don't have to!... I had to do it again I wish we had gone with Carsons and Sansome & George as dual agents right from the beginning, I think that if we had we would have sold the house at the beginning of the year. We made a massive mistake going with Patrick Williams in the begining. As I said before this is all my personal opinions.
  2. Why would you want to take the p1ss out of what for some people could be devastating. Why not just offer the people that are caught up in all this some positive advice, they will already know how bad the situation is and struggling, the last thing they need is someone getting on their high horse and laughing at their misfortune.
  3. Not at all, I just found the general unhelpful and nastiness on here pointless. Everyone just comes down on you (bar a couple of exceptions) and it seems to be a attitude of, 'who can make you feel the worse and make themselves seem superior' - Thats not for me thanks. Everything is sorted now anyway. I had a very honest chat with an estate agent friend of mine, he said if there was anyway to keep the house then do it as they are just going to drop and drop for the next couple of years. He also said it wouldn't even matter if we dropped to 160k, it still probably wouldn't sell because the market is just too flooded at the moment. So we have taken it off the market and we are staying in the UK till January. A friend of ours also wants to come to Barcelona, so he has moved into our spare room, the money will also help with paying off some debt. The debt can get paid off by January as my partner has just started a new IT job and is on a very good wage and we have also arranged to take a payment holiday from the mortgage saving us about £950 a month (all of which will go towards the debt). We then have some friends that want to rent in the area in the new year (due to a job) so then we will rent the house out to them. We may think about selling in 5 years or so, but have made plans to keep it for up to 10 years. The job I am taking with me is the same job I have here, I have worked with the company for 3.5 years and they have made sure I can do my job from anywhere in the world via laptop and our IT guy coming out to Spain to set up a phone/IT system for me. It is not self employed, it is working for the UK company I work for now, on a UK wage. My partners is very secure, a friend of his runs a thriving company there which he will become part of. We have no intentions of buying there, we will just be renting. So... Not such doom and gloom now, I had a very down couple of weeks, but am now back on track with it. Doom mongers that said the Spain dream would never happen and that we would have to stay for 10 years is complete rubbish. Maybe if the doom mongers on here were to try and help (the way a couple did) then then people would see there is light at the end of the tunnel, because there is some, you just need positive people to help you and to work out the best thing for you.
  4. Sorry but I don't get what you mean? It's a bit late to think 'Oh I could save £65 if I rented' as I already have the mortgage?!?
  5. With paying the mortage off, fee for paying the mortgage off, solicitors, estate agents fees & VAT, bank loan, overdraft if we sell for £184950, I am left with £125.00p I have no family at all. At the mo, doing all the overtime I can and living on about £20 a week... Can it get any more frugal? Jesus it would be easier to get run over by a bus.. at least then the insurance would cover the all bills.
  6. by the way we are already living very frugally
  7. I'm not in denial at all. I know the situation is terrible and I am in deep sh1t whatever I do. I don't get why everyone is having a go at me. I've never been in this situation before, I asked about dropping the price to the first estate agent back in March and he told me not to. The current estate agents say to have it on at 185K.. I have it on at £184,950. My house price is in line with others like mine that are on the market at the mo. The bank loan and overdraft has to be paid back before we go. I also have to pay solicitors, at the moment we ARE in deep trouble and I know it, but I don't want to get myself in even more and if we sell for less than 185 with solicitors & estate agents fees we are going to have to borrow some money from somewhere to pay them... I cannot get another bank loan or add to my existing one.
  8. I can't drop the price further! Overdraft & Bank Loan needs paying off as well as the mortgage!
  9. "Seems like just another case of denial to me. You are unwilling to accept a loss on sale, you are unwilling to take a hit each month on rental. " Far from it. I would be willing to take a hit each month on the rental, however its not realistic to rent it and if there were any problems it would mean travelling back to sort it out, I have also had friends who have rented out their houses, supposedly managed by agencies, and thier houses have been trashed. I am not in a negative equity situation, and won't be for some time yet, however we want to pay off our overdrafts before we go. No I have not been in a situation l;ike this before, this is the first time I've owned a property. I am taking my job with me, my partner has one waiting for him in Spain. We may well stay in Spain for a year and then go to Berlin or elsewhere... We want to go without ties. Also if you look for 2 bed terraced on most Estate Agents websites, £179K - 194k is where most of them are. The problem is there are just too many of them.
  10. Hi, Unfortunatly I can't afford to rent the house out. My mortgage is £915 per month and the rental value is £850, because we are emigrating and will not be coming back to live in the UK we need the bank to be paid back before we go and also to have just enough cash to pay 3 months rent in advance in Spain. If there was anyway we could afford to rent it out then I would. The house is in good condition, lovely long galley kitchen, 2 bathrooms and is on for the same price as houses the same as ours but in not so nice condition with only 1 bathroom... I just don't know what else we can do.
  11. I have a 2 bed terrace in Reading, we decorated it from top to bottom, put in a new patio and put it on the market in January, it was on for £199,950 which was what 7 different eastate agents said we should... First Estate agent didn't produce a single viewing in 12 weeks! We then got rid of the first estate agent and went with another 2 estate agents, and also dropped the price to £189,950, we have been getting viewings but no offers. We had a guy interested last week, was trying to decide between ours and another (the other house he was looking at was at the same price but only one bathroom, we have 2) the estate agent said he was confident as the guy was leaning towards ours... This morning I got a call from the estate agent to say the other people had dropped their house price to 170K so the guy was going with that. We can't go down that much because of what we need to pay back to the bank... I haven't owned the house that long, and I brought my ex out last year so must get £185 min... We have now dropped the price to £184,950 and are hoping for some viewings.. This is a nightmare, there are to many houses on for sale, to many people that are dropping their prices so low, we just can't compete. I just want to cry as I can't see a way out. We both have jobs in Spain waiting for us and we should have been there months ago. This is what its like in Reading at the mo.
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