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  1. He reminds me of a kiddy fiddler. scary scary man
  2. Blimey I've never considered Maplins cheap. Their technical knowledge however is pretty good I'd agree as they're staffed by nerds like me ! I bought a tv the other year, I only used Dixons to check out the connections, and to have a look at the picture quality. I bought the same model off Amazon for £200 less....
  3. It'll be interesting to see if this continues through the Autumn I'd have thought slow jobs market in August would be expected as everyone's on holiday and less hiring goes on. M
  4. I happened to be watching BBC news the other day and they actually had 'would of' in their caption at one point FFS! Wish I had a screen grab. Illiterates!
  5. I work for a company that's got a LOT of vending machines in the UK, the coin mechanisms these days measure several properties of the coins inserted, for instance, rolling speed (determined by coin geometry, a fake £1 will roll a different speed due to the different finishing of the edge, and its weight) magnetic properties size biggest problem isnt fake coins, which are usually easy to set the mechanism to reject, its foreign coins that are made using the same basic coin blank, or very similar blanks as UK coins, often its very difficult to set the sensitivity of the coin mechanism to di
  6. Can't have the masses go without cheap CDs at Christmas can we, patronising article from Auntie Beeb http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/7755443.stm interestingly, replace the words "CD", "music", "album" and "releases" in the original article with 'food' and it takes on a rather different, and ominous tone.
  7. also, just to confirm, the 2nd email is from "@fscs.org.uk" and it DOES NOT ASK YOU TO CLICK ON A LINK, it asks you to go to icesave.co.uk yourself and log in
  8. Yeah, no idea what order they stagger the emails as its supposed to be staged over several weeks in total, wonder if its as simple as alphabetical order? My surname starts with 'B', the other half got her first email a few days after me and she's an 'L'..... bit unfair if that's the case as "Mr Zod" would lose a month's interest waiting for his compared to Mr Aardvark LOL!! Don't worry, if the first email's turned up in your inbox safely the second definitely will turn up before too long. ps it shouldn't be confused with a phishing scam as it asks you to go to the icesave.co.uk website yours
  9. well, since I can't see any threads about it yet, perhaps I'm the first person on HPC to have received the second FSCS email asking me to log on and retrieve my stash from ICESAVE. I went through the process earlier, completely hassle-free I'm pleased to say, basically you just go to each account, tick a box saying yes I agree these are my totals, confirm which bank account you want the cash sent to, and yes I'm sure I want to proceed, and away you go. Thats all there is to it, site then says you will receive your money within 5 working days. ISA customers will receive a letter within 2 week
  10. yeah I wondered that, he's confident "we'll get through this." so there's therefore a possibility we won't! Or by 'we' perhaps he means ZaNu Labour....
  11. Too true! I half read the thread title and thought Merv was warming us up for 0% IRs. Probably still is, the pillock.
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