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  1. Actually if Fast Food Nation is to be believed, McDonalds does stop its workers joining unions. The branch that signed up got closed, and then McDonalds opened a new branch down the road from the old one and only rehired the workers that hadnt joined the union. google books link to relevant page
  2. But the interest gets added on after? So its not 6 months interest free, its 6 months of reduced payments. Would the deferred interest take account of the amount they paid off the capital in those first 6 months I wonder?
  3. I think for the bedroom shot the bed is real but theyve photoshopped the other furniture, i doubt youd really get a wardrobe in that space.
  4. Im dreading Royal Mail going. As one of the despicable underclass that doesnt have a car, this is pretty much guaranteed to end up as a sentance of days or weeks sitting at home waiting for any parcel while redelivery dates are ignored by whichever budget courier is being used. I would happily pay a premium to get parcels delivered by Royal Mail since their depots are actually reachable by public transport unlike all the courier out-of-town on-a-trading-estate-somewhere-unreachable depots. Also, how would we go about actually posting letters and cards without Royal Mail postboxes? Id quite like my Xmas budget to not also now have to cover an extra £20 to get my cards collected and hopefully delivered within a few months of Xmas.
  5. Spotted this in a sidebar story in the Metro this morning, with a lovely quote of "The decreasing number of houses on the market is leading to snap buys and buyer anxiety" and also "Demand has outrun supply over the last 16 months" (p29, source - ING Direct) Since the Metro is also running an article about more homes coming onto the market with the abolition of Hips and more competition amongst sellers since theres a falling number of buyers (source - Rightmove), you have to wonder if they just collect a big pile of all the articles the banks and estate agents send them and publish it. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1291369/We-decide-buy-house-21-minutes--But-times-longer-satellite-TV.html
  6. Ive been looking to move closer to work over the last 6 weeks or so. When I started looking, there were at least 3 or 4 new properties coming on every day or two - this week so far there have been 2, and at quite a distance away as well. Is the rental market seasonal, is everyone just not bothering because school holidays are coming up, or is there something else going on?
  7. Im surprised the Birmingham Colmore Row one is going - right opposite the main exit for the snow hill tram/train stations, near the big bank offices and city centre. Always seemed to be plenty of yuppie-types buying lunch in there. Maybe theyve all started going to the Tesco Metro and Greggs?
  8. So my hard-saved house deposit/pension of nearly 10k is potentially lost because the FSCS would only pay out over the 16k?
  9. I like the picture of the living room with a sofa at each end - "Want to buy a house to share with someone you hate? Come glare at each other here!" I guess this would work if you put the money you save through housesharing vs renting into your house deposit savings account, which gets the additional 1/2 house price boost when you sell. Same principle as moving back to your parents' place to save a deposit quicker, surely?
  10. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-104...33&tr_t=buy 28 August 2008 * Price changed: from '£114,950' to 'Guide Price £80,000' 20 August 2008 * Price changed: from '£124,950' to '£114,950' 28 May 2008 * Initial entry found. [Found by kernarne] More like this, please!
  11. In the flats where Im renting, theyre all the same size - so the rooms in the 2bed are much smaller than the 1bed, hence I could see where some of the similar pricing is coming from.
  12. Err, ok, im a fool. How could i not have seen that?
  13. Finally installed propertyBee today, and was having a peek at how prices are moving near me. Just ran across something that made me look twice: --------------------- 25 July 2008 * Brief Description changed: A brand new development of 2 bedroom apartments and 3 bedroom houses, please contact developer for further information. **PRICE REDUCTION** * Price changed: from 'Shared ownership £27,500' to 'Shared ownership £25,750' --------------------- 21 April 2008 * Initial entry found. ---------------------- So they raise the price by £250 and mark it as a price reduction? The share is 25% so i doubt theyve altered the share % with the price. Isnt this false advertising to advertise a price reduction while putting the price up?
  14. Looks like the main business for sale in Wolverhampton is takeaways - i wonder if all the students are now too broke to go spending money on chips?
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