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  1. I know quite a few brickies in SE and day rate on site has actually gone down , 8-10 years ago, brickie £160 a day ish , hoddie/labourer 100 now brickie 120-140 a day , labourer nearly always Eastern European £60-80 a day. Not to say a top self employed brickie on price work couldn't earn 200-250 a day with a decent gang but they would be working their nuts off. 100k a year is b0ll0x
  2. How do you think this will effect the immediate market? Do you think there will be a temporary re-inflation of the bubble? What are the long term consequences? I've been on here a while , I really respect your opinion.....
  3. How will this news effect the immediate market , do you think sellers will hold off, thinking next year they can add 10% , will buyers hold off thinking next year I can have a 20% interest free loan for next 5years etc? Who are the winners here? The Ponzi scheme is run by the people with the money supply the printing presses We lose....everybody does
  4. Sellers may have changed their mind after the budget, I don't know. How will this news effect the immediate market , do you think sellers will hold off thinking next year they can add 10% , will buyers hold off thinking next year I can have a 20% interest free loan for next 5years etc? Who are the winners here?? The Ponzi scheme is run by the people with the money supply the printing presses We lose....everybody does
  5. I know we have the big budget thread but just want advice to my situation Had an answerphone messege from an EA this morning didn't pick up till this evening offer accepted on a house I viewed just after Christmas , Mrs. wanted it , been renting 5-6 years moved 4 times , in a good one now , LL abroad but met him, nice guy , LA down the road good guy, never had a problem. My offer still about 10k more than I would really want to pay and still say 40k above 2004 price, at 9am this morning when I got the call I would have said poke it (they refused our offer straight away intially , now their "circumstances have changed" , now after the budget I'm not so sure. Is it a one way bet now?
  6. Farage was just on RT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vu6YRX8jPQk&feature=player_embedded
  7. The one I looked at was up for 229k would go for 215k i suspect 3 bed semi I know people on/around the estate , some of the tenants are earning very good money I would bite their hands off at 75% discount , Im not having a go at the council tenants, I know some people who done very well out of the last big RTB but the RTB system is all wrong IMO and we will end up with a few tenants doing very well out of it short term and alot of rich people getting richer when they snap them up on the resale to rent back to the serfs And in the meantime the people with genuine housing needs won't have anywhere to live
  8. Third of ex-council homes now owned by rich landlords http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/right-to-buy-housing-shame-third-ex-council-1743338 The multi-millionaire son of a Tory minister who presided over the controversial “right-to -buy” scheme is a buy-to-let landlord owning scores of former council flats. A Daily Mirror investigation found a third of ex-council homes sold in the 1980s under Margaret Thatcher were now owned by private landlords. In one London borough almost half of ex-council properties are now sub-let to tenants. Tycoon Charles Gow and his wife own at least 40 ex-council flats on one South London estate. His father Ian Gow was one of Mrs Thatcher’s top aides and was Housing Minister during the peak years of right-to-buy.Other wealthy investors own scores of ex-council properties via offshore holding firms in tax havens in the Channel Islands, the GMB union has found. Boss Paul Kenny said: “You couldn’t make it up. The family of one of the Tory ministers who oversaw right-to-buy ends up owning swathes of ex-council homes.” Our probe comes as the housing shortage facing ordinary families hits crisis point. There are five million people waiting for social housing in Britain and house building cannot keep up with demand. London’s Wandsworth Borough Council has sold off 24,000 properties under right-to-buy since 1978. For 15,874 the lease was sold, as they were in blocks of flats where the council kept the freehold. The council told us 6,180, or 39%, of the owners who bought those leases gave a different address for correspondence. And it also revealed 95 landlords have five or more of these properties. The largest leasehold landlord owns the leases on 93 of its freehold properties, with the second largest having 32. Don't want this to turn into a "it's all Facthers fault thread" but can see this happening again ,property meant for the people ending up in the hands of the few....... I was looking at buying an ex-council house last year , alright estate but to think the council tenants can get 75% off and then sell in 5 years with no reinvestment doesn't make any sense to me...... P.S Still renting, SE commuter belt asking prices 5% above 2007 anything good selling (near decent schools etc) seeing alot of London money moving out this way ,Im at the point of almost giving up and going to live in a caravan.....
  9. Yep watched it over weekend , should be a must for all secondary school children..... Thanks for lend of DVD will bring back tomorrow , promise!
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20679511 Northern Rock will repay £270m to loan customers Some 152,000 Northern Rock Asset Management customers will receive hundreds of pounds each in compensation owing to mistakes made in paperwork. Customers who took out personal loans of less than £25,000 will receive an average of £1,170 each. Bank staff failed to include key details on annual statements about loans, including the original amount which had been borrowed. Refunds of the interest paid by customers will now be made. 'Right thing' Many of the loans were provided on top of Northern Rock's Together mortgage which was popular before the credit crunch, and allowed homebuyers to borrow more than their homes were worth.The £270m bill for the refunds will have to come from the taxpayer, as this section of the bank has been owned by the government since 2008 More at link.......FFS!
  11. Why do people use twitter? I just don't get it , who in their right mind wants to "follow" this d1ckhead or anyone else for that matter , the whole thing is a load of b0ll0x and the more of these so called "celebrities" that get caught out like this the more they will stop using it and hopefully the whole thing will just disappear into internet history (wishful thinking) Never been on it myself or facebook so maybe I'm missing something, can anyone enlighten me or is it just an ego trip for all involved...
  12. Labour won the vote with 15,898 votes in North Croyden , how many people live in N.Croyden over the voting age? a 25% turnout of the registered electorate and this was to vote in their MP!! And she got 60% of the vote, next up UKIP with 1,990 FFS people are so disengaged from politics now they just don't care and that has got to be the worst thing that can happen , it's exactly what they want F*cking Blair and Straws sons are going to be running for election soon , probably in Labour safe seats and no one gives a sh1t there's got to be a better way!!
  13. I don't think walking down the local polling station for 5 minutes every 4 years to vote on your future is exactly a hardship considering there are many people in this world without that right and thousands died for us to secure that right but I get your point. I didn't say anywhere they should be forced I said fined, you cannot force anybody to vote, I except that , I was recently fined £60 for going 36mph in a 30mph zone so lets call the fine £60 enough to maybe get people thinking it's worth going down there and maybe hopefully taking a bit more interest in it and my hope would be more independent local people getting elected. I agree with you entirely on the social contract and taxation as theft but small steps hey , and as for the internet helping our cause , most people I know use the internet to [email protected] over , facebook and the last I heard the moronic Gangham thing is the most watched video with 100million hits , it's a long battle ahead!
  14. Yes to start off with At the moment we have a 25% turnout , I don't think the people not voting are doing it as a protest, they just simply aren't interested , more people in North Croyden probably voted in the X-factor than the election. At least with a 100% turnout with a "none of the above" option people might actually think about it as they are "forced" to walk to the local polling station. It's about engaging the electorate , if it's there in black and white at the end of election 10% Labour 10% Tory 5% Lib 5% UKIP whatever and then 70% none of the above, the parties would surely have no mandate to rule or at least they might try to find out what the other 70% want. How would you change it or are you happy with the present system?
  15. Yep , that's what I'm saying We could have some very interesting results then Time to change the system it doesn't work anymore
  16. Yep I remember before the last election people on here getting excited that Brown was going to get kicked out and the Tories would come in and save us None of the parties are here for the 99% they don't give a toss about you or I , they are here to protect their own interests and those of their bankster masters. There is no policitcal solution........ NONE OF THE ABOVE
  17. Turnout Croydon North - 26.4% Middlesbrough - 25.9% Rotherham - 33.6% Not even a third of the people give a sh1t , how low would turnout have to be before they declare it null and void? I would prefer the Australian system of a fine for not voting but with the option of "none of the above" on the ballot How long can this charade of democracy continue?
  18. http://rt.com/programs/keiser-report/episode-346-max-keiser/
  19. From London Talks about British housing market and Cleggs pension policy Good guest as well didn't catch his name Don't know if anyone can find on YouTube yet on my phone but will probably be repeated on RT later
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