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  1. We need to move to an area with a school that has not got an ofstead that compares it with the dungeons of the marquis de sade and the educational standards of an Orc training acadamy. (Changing schools in September) We are renting but coming to the end of the contract and can not find anything remotely suitable in the new area. Found a house and negotiated hard so that we got 11% off the asking price. Fed up renting as have had to move twice due to BTLs getting nervous and selling up. (Lost several of our white goods due to acrobatic removal men). Have enacted pages of spreadsheet calcs
  2. Well they replied and here it is.... I guess it will make them more cautious in future and they have posted some stuff on the web, no equal airspace counterpoint but who expected miracles? Been away did anyone else get a reply? bisgen139a@main.bbc.co.uk to me More options Apr 14 (3 days ago) Many thanks for your email to 'Real Story' with Fiona Bruce and raising questions about the programme, as programme makers it's always useful to get constructive feedback from our viewers. Over the last two years 'Real Story' has tracked the property boom and reported on the winners and loser
  3. There is a lot of historical evidence of the endemic nature of Boom and bust cycles in modern economic systems. In fact in economic systems dating back to 1701. Mr Brown, according to the blog above claims to have broken this cycle no more stop and gto apparently. This seems unlikely, but at this very moment in time, as things are NOW. What is the evidence that he is wrong? Obviously if it all goes crash then he is wrong, but it is not crashing at the moment so does this mean that at the moment he is right until proven otherwise?
  4. My complaint.... The BBC appears to have weighted is reporting to ignore the possibility of a potential house price crash where ever possible over recent months. Is this a positive editorial decision or just the result of a complete lack of economic expertise on the part of the corporations researchers and experts on hand? While it is understandable that the BBC should not ferment a crash and any story at such a delicate time in the market could prove influential in this respect, the broadcast tonight is an extremely poor example of balanced reporting on the subject. The Real story's editors
  5. I dont believe you can actually 'make' money out of it, simply reduce the money you are paying out on the debt you have. 0% deals are for:- a. very rarely for Purchases, and to make money you would have to sell them at the same price you bought them or above, very hard. b. Transfered balances, which means you simply stop paying out the high interest rate on your other cards. I may be wrong but I dont think you can get such deals on cash advances, thus allowing you to put the money in a building society for the six months make the interest and pay off the card. Credit card companies are no
  6. Well somewhat of an over simplification and somewhat taken as read. The point for debate is really how they are trying to influence the world, what could their immediate short term and long term plan be? Do they have one? It seems the general impression is that:- a. They don't really know what they are doing and are incompetent. b. It is too complex for anyone to really have any idea of how to realistically control anything. c. They are basically holding on and waiting for 'natural forces' to do their stuff without any form of plan. Or at best it is political short termism. My points a
  7. Yes that is my reading of the underlying trend, either as a game plan or as inevitable consequence of poor management. A new form of economic serdom, which I anticipate will become ingrained with the restrictions of bankruptcy and the introduction of lifetime credit Bondsmanship scheme in the next ten to twenty years. It is all about population management and control, initially it was brutality, then religion and morality, patrotism, hope (post war, welfare state) and then consumerism. Current techniques in current use are fear and entertainment, both these are known to be transitory and so
  8. Yes this is a problem. But if the market stagnates or only drops slightly at a rate that is less then the growth rate of other economies assets, we have revalued our country by a significant relative amount and injected billions into the economy. If it crashes we have a problem particularly if MEW, credit card debt and negative equity combined give large numbers of people a negative balance sheet. But what we are doing is buying is time and we are also setting up an irreversible secondary credit economy that could buy us even more time until the global market place equalises. We are alr
  9. It was carefully chosen analogy, despite what might appear to be the case I am not arguing 'directly' against a crash. I am merely, in this context, trying to double guess what the Chancellors et als plans are to try and stop one. Then theorising whether they could work or not, and finally proposing that they might be part of a larger plan for our economy. The run away car analogy was intended both to demostrate that you can steer something you dont understand and how precarious the whole process is, lets face it it is not a happy place to be in charge of several tons of metal careering down
  10. Knuckling down and working hard though will no longer be sufficient. Put simply we can not compete on equal terms in a global market place with an emerging economy so why even try? No matter how hard our people knuckle down unless we have a major adjustment in expected standard of living we are never going to be as cost effective as the emerging economies and if we are they will loose their market place, we are as important to them as a consumer class as they are to us as a producing class. (Until of course they develop their own consumer class) We could resort to protectionism but that is a
  11. Thank you I am pleasantly surprised, I was worried for a moment I thought you had read my posts and had deduced I know little about economics on the strength of them. I don’t mean to insult the human race, which is by far my favourite intelligent species. There is a paradox here as every human is extremely individual and unique at a detailed level but in practice we can be grouped relatively easily in any number of ways. All the members of these groups exhibit very similar behaviour in one way or another. With the correct socio-economic grouping and it is possible to predict economic be
  12. Indeed and the point is how does the government maintain both stability and growth in an economy in as much flux as the UKs? This may be one for ZZQ to bestow his wisdom upon us. Please note this is a first level simple statement of the situation. What has happened to the UK over the last 50 or so years? 1. We have significantly reduced our primary production capacity, coal, steel etc... 2. We have significantly reduced our secondary production capacity, washing machines, cars etc. 3. We have nevertheless significantly increased our average personal wealth in terms of the number of cars,
  13. You are replying to my posts by taking then out of context zzq, they were all in reply to MarkG statements and most of them are rhetorical or devils advocate. Rather then putting you through the trouble of reading back I will clarify the context. 1. Yes of course you have to have some understanding to manipulate the economy, MarkG's and another’s position appeared to be that no one can understand the economy, one chap said he had a degree, masters yah de yah de yah. Rather then bother arguing the point I simply state that even if 'they' think no one can understand the economy it does not
  14. You took the words right out of my post, two posts back I was going to mention medicine as another analogy but thought I might be complicating things. Medicine for centuries was a 'science' of trial and error, particularly pharmaceuticals. It is quite common today that certain therapies work and yet we do not understand the exact way in which they do. It is also about pattern finding, I had reason to see a geneticist recently about a relative and I was shocked when rather then taking a blood sample and analysing it she simply looked at him and ask some questions and when pressed said she i
  15. Actually it was employed to some degree I believe. The boom is not entirely accidental, we have ridden out a recession with virtually no effect because of a consumer spending boom on the back of a housing boom. Who has really suffered as a result of this Boom the FTB's alone really everyone else is cashing in and there is a lot more money in the economy overall. If a crash can be averted what has the boom done that is so bad for the economy in general and 80% of those people in it? Imagine if we do have a slow down and no crash, we on this site would all be bitter and twisted but it would b
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