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  1. Cloud-debt bubbles - of course. US sub-prime causes it no doubt. :angry:
  2. Umm...and I thought it was the financial services sector that was the biggest income generator for Britain? Thank goodness that's all in good shape...
  3. The thing is, most of these fall into 2 groups in my opinion: 1. Lead generation sites only - ie, they are not individual sell and rent back companies, but just affiliate fronts for others 2. New opportunists on a par with late BLT landlords IMO there are only 3 established and reputable SARB companies in the UK: MPG Investments - http://www.mpginvestments.co.uk National Home Buyers - http://www.nationalhomebuyers.co.uk A Quick Sale - http://www.a-quick-sales.co.uk These companies have been running for years, and certainly can't be accused of the same sloppy standards and rampant opportunism the newer ones can have levelled at them. Some warnings on the SARB market: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/sale-and-rent-back http://www.financemarkets.co.uk/2008/06/13...u-need-to-know/ http://www.moneyweek.com/file/34673/buy-to...-rent-back.html
  4. I could have sworn it's also been reported that Tesco were buying up land where other supermarket's were looking to set up, thus depriving them of locations.
  5. Manchester? The same Manchester highlighted as a debt blackspot a while back? http://www.homemove.co.uk/news/06-02-2008/...-blackspot.html I'm sure I've seen concerns about oversupply and falling prices in flats in Manchester but I can't find a link at present - anyone got one to supply?
  6. It all underlines a sad fact we see time and time again: People who daren't invest £10's of thousands in a stock market they don't understand will invest £100's of thousands in a property market they don't understand.
  7. Not likely a house builder - plenty of private equity companies happy to snap up a bargain and restructure debt for profit.
  8. The big problem with NHBC certs is that they only guarantee the structure over 10 years. Finishings are only covered for the first 2 years - so basically so long as the property is still standing and not immediately likely to fall down, it seems that the NHBC cert really means anything. I think the main purpose was just to force basic insurable standards on the builders, rather than direct consumer protection and compensation.
  9. I don't seriously think there's any real chance of Barratt's going under: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...t&p=1161956 But as pointed out, the NHBC certificate brings its own challenges: http://www.homemove.co.uk/news/16-05-2007/...ed-to-know.html
  10. I think the difference with NR is that everyone was caught unawares, and NR's debt to asset ratio was huge. At least BDEV still have more assets than debt, and even with falling land prices, any banker worth their salt will recognise those land holdings as an investment to hold onto, especially while there remains significant long-term demand for land, not least through government targets.
  11. I don't mean to sound unduly bullish, but I don't think there's a chance that Barratt's will be allowed to go bust. There will be some form of deal come up, via public bankers or private equity, that will buy into a massive house builder at a bargain price. Barrat's may have large debts, but they have massive asset holdings that the current share price and market valuation just does not give credit for. IMO BDEV shares offer a great long hold prospect, but I think the short term will be pretty terribly. Will probably take another hit when Nationwide's HPI results come out at the end of the month.
  12. Funny how many people use the term bullsh*t, but when was the last time anyone stood accused of talking bearsh*t?
  13. And there was me trying to be sarcastic earlier. Foiled again.
  14. Lol!! Maybe she should rent out some of the 16 bedrooms to get some income in for heating.
  15. Heh, hedge funds again. Just don't whoop too quickly - expect the hedge funds to just trail blaze the way for private equity buy ins.
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