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  1. On some fixed deal mortgage - think change in employment status need new mortgage. Not FTB so they have only "lost" made up money (albeit a lot!)
  2. Thing is (and I've been talking about this all day to anyone who will listen) is that once "people" start to encounter real people that they know having massive drops, it all suddenly becomes a reality. I've been looking at HPC since 04 when found that I couldn't afford a house and I've always been a believer but, at last, I'm seeing and hearing real cases of the meltdown in action. It's all about the denial stage. So many people up (until this last week) think they are insulated and it will all be okay but there is now a mainstream understanding that it's all gone t*ts up and that they WILL be affected. I believe this will lead to one thing - utter panic and a swift decline. That's the big change, not just theoretical HPC but real, actual HPC. The fear it breeds is something to behold, and this feary beast is hungry. ..and I'm laughing!
  3. Thing is, just found out, Wimpey still flogging them for 375K! The very cheek of it.
  4. Hi Just wanted to share a real life story of what is actually going on. Family member bought 4-bed Wimpey home in a South West English town about 16 months ago. Very good area, schools, countryside, easy commute, market town etc. Paid 412K for it. Time comes for re mortgage. Two important things occur... 1. Northern Rock (for it is they) get incredibly sniffy about employment history AND house's value. They send out surveyor who spends a good 20 minutes scrutinising every room etc. Owner "only" needs 100k mortgage. So on original price, 75% "already" is paid for!? Surveyor says in today's market house would be lucky to get 300K. And that, my friends, is a house price crash! NRock still deciding if they will lend. Wow.
  5. The Government will not seize savings. They want you to spend your savings - preferably on a new Barrat home or a new Vauxhall.
  6. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Just too angry to be articulate. Somebody help me make sense of how this nonsense can be broadcast. Phil Spencer is a negotiator? Arrrrrrgh! Offer accepted but still on market? Arrrrrrgh! In September of 2008? Arrgh??
  7. Can't help feeling that Mandy looks spookily like Morrissey. You never see them together though, a shame as I think they'd get on. Morrissey would make a better PM and Mandy would make quite a good Morrissey, er, I think? Morrissey Mandy Think I need to sit down now.
  8. When I started this thread I was worried by the originall graph but this updated one is truly horrible. Things are going to get really bad. No one should buy a house right now. I'm not that's for sure, 6-12 months down the line maybe, definitely not right now! Actually quite scared for the UK, this has stopped being fun! Want a house that I can afford but, blimey, this country is going to pay a high price in other ways. Mixed emotions.
  9. Oh yeah, I just though being outside of Eurozone they would have been better capitalised. Still at least they have cuckoo clock trade to rely on.
  10. Whilst I too will be a bit gleeful if DSG are bust, I can't help fearing that a depleted high street will (in the end) only leave Tesco (who has crept into white goods and eletcrical in the last few years) in a yet far stronger position. Competition, of any sort even of the retarded PC World does help to keep prices down. Also these people will lose yes their jobs, yes and maybe their houses, and that's a pity because it's not their fault is it? Can't help being depressed, job cuts everywhere and still houses in my area stubbornly refuse to come down. Boo!
  11. EA's must be realising that they are actually going to have to start selling houses to survive. How much longer can theirdim-witted arrogance hold out. It can't be too much longer now - surely? Sellers cut your prices!
  12. Think this may be the other one they looked at in Cornwall - or very similar? http://www.dezrez.com/DRApp/Search.ASP?WCI...mp;WCE=00874751 Definite fuzz to Krusty top lip! More than Phil anyway.
  13. Deflation until banks are forced to lend their (our) money.
  14. "but more on this in the in depth housing market forecast update to be published later this week," Can't wait! Good stuff.
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