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  1. If it has 5 years, does that mean, I would have another 2 years to apply for full planning permission. I would need that before putting foundations in?
  2. Oh God! I just see now what I put in the title. Sorry guys!
  3. http://www.eadiemcfarland.co.uk/publish/listings/l0012.shtml think that's the link for it. Hope you can see it
  4. This Building Site is located approximately 3 miels from x in an attractive countryside setting. 'Outline Planning Permission was granted in September 2006 for 1 1 1/2 storey dwelling and domestic garage. With outstanding views across the surrounding countryside this site will attract keen interest' If bought now, will the outline planning permission have ran out before I could get round to doing anything.
  5. 'But surely, I asked, she would have cheaper monthly payments on her existing mortgage - because she would come off the fixed rate onto her existing lender's variable one? No again. Dawn had borrowed at 95 per cent. That sort of borrowing is now regarded as high risk. Far from falling, her rates were going to rise. She had checked with the mortgage lender. Her payments would go up to more than 7%. ' Does this mean her lenders svr is 7% or that she was not put onto her lenders svr and placed on another alternative rate. Would it not have stated in her mortgage terms and conditions that after her 2 yr fix rate she would revert back onto the lenders current svr?
  6. What do people think about this for help in getting out of negative equity? http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/8f8483fc-2...44feabdc0.html I know it wouldn't come without it's probably very specific criteria, but can people see it happening more widespread ie Northern Ireland, with lenders?
  7. Wondering if you could give me any advice or let me down gently. My parents have a house in the country and there is ground at the back of it that would be of appropriate size to build on (prob no more than 1300ft bungalow). I would desperately love to build here and would build whatever was allowed. I have gone through the PPS21 and can only really see the part of dispersed rural communities being related to this (house is near a small rural school, graveyard and now closed chapel). In the last three years 2 other detached houses have been built up the road slightly and in this area there is approx 6 detached houses all built up over a number of years. My parents house sits alongside the road at near the top of a hill and their next neighbour sits slongside the road at the bottom of the hill. Would this ground at the back constitute an infill gap site like in a ribbon development (the land at the back of the houses are not developed- or have I picked this up wrong and ribbon development only applies to more urban town areas) Would love to hear some advice from somebody who knows about these issues. Many thanks
  8. Seen this mentioned in other websites and just wondering if we in Northern Ireland can approach the council /DSS to make our house available to rent to council/DSS tenants?
  9. Duh!! I checked again and they are all down to 5.42%. Sorry for stupid post.
  10. Can anyone tell me if Ulster Bank are cutting their standard variable rate? Just been on website and while there are one or two products that show a rate of 5.42% to revert to after deal expires, the svr is still at 6.92%. If they cut in one area, is it cut in all?
  11. 115,000 for a 3 bed semi http://www.damclernon.com/property.asp?pro...amp;hierarchy=0 I would consider it or would I be mad?
  12. But I thought they were 139,000. Would that not make them 149,000 if going up 10 grand.
  13. I had a little check on the BTW Cairns website for these houses just there now. date is as from 29th Aug 09. Says prices are 159,000 phrase 3 (I think!) Have they increased the prices for phrase3?
  14. Realistically is it going to fall that low. How long would I have to wait before it was selling at that price. On secong thoughts, maybe not that long!
  15. It's on the outskirts of a town in County Fermanagh. There are a couple for sale in that area!
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