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  1. Just what are folk like the Adam Smith Insititute on when they equate modest CGT`s liabilitys increases for second homes with an attack on `The Middle-classes` ... Dr .Madsen POirie is raging that ` Traditional Tory voters certainly did not expect yet more punishment for productive members of the economy and there is likely to be a political backlash. Anyone with investments in second properties, holiday homes or buy-to-let flats would probably be affected (although strictly defined business assets are exempt, along with first homes). As a result, there will be what some observers have called 'a fire sale' of properties, as people rush to escape the tax. ` According to Pirie the entire ethos of Britain as a place to do business will be threatened by this ... Read more: http://www.dailymail...l#ixzz0o5iKrLSM
  2. I`d go for that - an American journalist recently commented that he encountered more mixed race couples in one afternoon walking round London than he had seen in a lifetime in New York and that city is one of more liberal places in America ... We beat ourselves up a bit too much sometimes on this issue .
  3. In fairness I have worked with Poles since before the wall came down ( from about 1987 ) and some of their views on `ethnics` are robust to say the least ...
  4. An alternative view of Mrs Duffys comments about East Europeans from a heartbroke Polish immigrant - might give a bit of balance to the typical right-wing HPC feeding frenzy which runs through this thread ... http://elmyra.livejournal.com/498792.html
  5. Hopefully David Cameron will finally finish Margaret Thatchers job and ban all Trade Unions ( if the EU allows !) ... An anachornism which should have died a death at the end of the Seventies .
  6. It`s quite scathing isn`t it - all the more surprising that it`s in The Guardian ...
  7. One of the pithiest , most adept , analysis of the events of the last couple of years and their effect on the UK ... http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2010/mar/11/banks-lied-darling-puppet-city
  8. Why o why do people get sucked into these schemes -theres even some bloke ironically moaning about getting conned who robbed money from his kids money boxes for shares in the scheme ... http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/wales/8556482.stm
  9. Really ? - try telling my niece that working as a fully qualified nurse on 25k .
  10. Ian Cowie will have plenty of contacts in The City - just indicates to me that ... a) These people couldn`t give a flying f_ck about the damage to the economy that irresponsible lending has already engendered.. They are desperate to get the show on the road again c) Why should they care anyway when their banks and jobs are underwritten by the UK taxpayer .
  11. Ian Cowie in todays Daily Torygraph - is he bonkers -100 % lending creates wealth apparently -and this bloke is the papers personal finance editor ! ... http://blogs.telegra...ung-homebuyers/ ``Never mind the macro-economics. Self-interest is the one motivation you can always rely on and my personal experience of the property ladder was shared by many others in my generation. One of the best financial decisions I ever took was a 100pc mortgage for about five times my salary 25 years ago. No such loans are available today. Without such 'irresponsible lending', I might still be renting a bedsit in Kilburn rather than owning a home in Highgate. That's not intended to sound like bragging but to demonstrate why people who fail to understand the importance of credit – and, dare I say it, house price inflation – in the creation of wealth are either very naive or perhaps living under hedges on a diet of roots and berries. They have certainly missed one of the simplest ways to accumulate tax-free gains available in our lifetime – at least until now.`
  12. I thought Communism died twenty years ago - now it looks like the Commie Chinese are taking over the world thanks to their ruthless centrally controlled Government .
  13. They won`t save them for the future though will they -just flog them off for a short term profit at the very first opportunity ... The Conservatives once again proving how thick they are .
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