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  1. I’m a little puzzled with this thread. Clearly we have economic and social problem in the UK. Lots of people seems to be lamenting the demises of the manufacturing sector. How come? My parents worked in a hat factory in Stockport until it shut in the 80s the same as their parents. It was hot work with dangerous chemicals that sent people mad ( hence the term mad hatter). I’m sure I’m better off, all my mates working class lads work in the service sector. Nice air condition offices and opportunities to go up the cooperate ladder. Not just make hats. Holidays abroad, cars and a standard
  2. How the feck can they say "don't hang around put an offer in now" to that young couple. not in the doomer club here on HPC but we all know house prices are going south fast. A 100% er at this point of the cycle is suicide. Might complian to OFCOM...feel very sorry for the stupid pair should rent for the next 3 years save and come back and buy at £!50kish ho uppe they might wake As for the other couple they should know better. DJ hahha short **** but the Mrs only lustful thought there
  3. Sorry for my curt reply Ok lets look at figures 2.6 approximately million people Have come to the UK in past 16 years Source : http://www.migrationwatchuk.com/ As you’ve pointed “a lot” immigrants have gone home due because the UK is expensive, well if look a little harder its true NET immigration especially from Poland has slowed mostly due the exchange rate making the UK less attractive . SO immigration is certainly a factor in the housing market and has a massive macro economic effect on towns such as Crewe and Peterborough et al So to the larger group of renters, people like FTB a
  4. What do think a statistician would make of that statement? Maybe give me a bigger sample? Agree with bad hair day
  5. Living with mum and dad like most FTB or perhaps Poland ect? if i were a BTL landlord i'd be less likely to try and flip if rents are going up In previous crashes, BTL have needed to sell as higher interests rates made BTL unworkable. IMHO that not going to happen this time.
  6. If the bank can’t lend then your fooked and have to rent. More renters = more demand for rental properties. I was starting to think at the start of the down turn a massive dip when all those buy to let panic and sell dumping millions of house on the market. If it’s true looks like most will be keeping them …. Let’s wait and see
  7. well perhas his personal wage inflation might help, he young. As long as hw can pay the stantard rate he's ok. perhas in the very end he might be ok say 10 years might of paided a bit of the princle back and propery price will be o there way back up (maybe) of course he should of rented, if he could sell he should and buy agian near the bottom you take gamble and he lost. thats life I was told to rent when i was selling my first house in 2000 mmmmm good advice?
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